Star wars appointment

i had an appointment today, i am still trying to get disability !
so i asked my wife what was the name of the person we were seeing…
i was beaming in and out having a sz moment…
all i heard was " we are seeing a wookiee…"
i said " we are seeing a wookiee ?.. "
the conversation went down hill from there.
take care


Maybe she said, “A rookie”??? A worker??? Jabba the Hut?’ I probably wouldn’t like him as a therapist. He’s on some kind of power trip.

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your posts are usually quite amusing, darksith. I also love star wars, when I was a kid and teenager i was rather obsessed.

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the thing was she actually said , " we are seeing kim…"
i was too busy jumping out of a starship freighter with yoda and a wookiee ready to fight the evil hordes streaming out of ’ the death star '.
take care

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Good luck…