Star Trek being a trekker


Who else is a Trekker?
I think the earth with its orbiting planets is a giant UFO flying through the vast universe picking up other lifeforms as we can see on TV. The creation of aliens is based on our fantasies.


I think you’re right


Loved sci fi and fantasy and read a lot. Most good sci fi was introspective anyways. It was always about us and technology and our reaction to that!

Star trek wasn’t a favorite. I’d watch it but never made much sense to me. Much rather the old classic twilight zones… There was some good writers of them and I think Ray Bradbury wrote some of them.

Captain Kirk. Not a fan although I did like his spoken word … :slight_smile:


If liking the original series with Spock, Captain Kirk and Bones and the rest of the crew makes me a trekkie I guess I am. haha


I can see that! I do like sci fi but it was a bit later for me…I was even too old for star wars but too young for star trek!

It’s always a good conversation. I’d rather those old Captain Kirk episodes over those other newer ones…they were always a bit of fun!

Didn’t want to rain on your parade…I grew up on sci fi…I’m a bit of a tool when it comes to it! haha!

My bad!


oh no problem @rogueone I didn’t mean you were wrong…I was just saying I like the old Star Trek…and man, I am a big Star Wars fan. the first series of Star Wars…I’ve seen the newer Star Wars but the best ones out there was the first ones! and you are not a tool. haha


The good old times when digital technology came to life. It makes the aliens all look so real.


I’m a fan, seen all the episodes except for the original series.


I like all the possible problems they go threw. Reminds me always of dealing with mental illness.


I greatly enjoyed TNG and deep space nine when I was a kid. I’m not as hardcore as some trekkies, but I know more about the universe than many.


I want a Tribble for my birthday. I hear they’re trouble though.


Im not a passionate trekkie but I do watch star trek deep space nine and voyager every night :slight_smile:


I don’t know about that but I love voyager!


Trekkie here! Currently working my way through next generation again because it is on Netflix loving it but to me the original films are my favourite :heart:


I watched Star Trek TNG as a kid. A lot of the physics such as the Enterprise orbiting earth, phasers & photon torpedoes were of fiction but nevertheless the show was entertaining.


Stargate is a great show as well.


Tribbles everywhere.
I also like stargate.


Seems this thread is not getting closed.there is a song startrekking across the universe. I find it funny. One lyric goes “We come in peace and shoot to kill”


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