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I don’t think when I first applied to college I could ever have gotten into a school in California. Seems really competitive there.

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I think you could. You’re smart and a navy vet.

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I did go to the University of Northern Colorado as a recreation major. Maybe I could do sociology at a community college in Cali.


Ya, then transfer with a good GPA, extracurriculars. Join a club or something. You’ll get into a csu, uc, or even USC.

We have a lot of Christian schools If that’s your thing…

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So you are in California, I can’t remember if you mentioned that? Or I could just buy my way into USC or get my parents to.

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Naw. Usc likes transfer students…

I knew a few that got in legitimately.

A lot of schools have problems.

If you’re poor like me, usc gives a lot of financial aid. I just checked today using their calculator.

I might try to transfer to usc as a computer engineering major. I need a miracle though. I need to recover more. My step father went there so I have a better chance. I plan to go to community college first because it is cheaper, get good grades, and then transfer. University like usc is a lot harder than community college so I don’t know if I can do it or if I’m smart enough. Just being honest.

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Out of state tuition is probably ridiculous. I went to a college in the city of Denver and took the light rail to class everyday. The tuition was like 1-2 thousand dollars a semester. I was an idiot and didn’t go to class. If I did that spending 70 grand a semester I don’t think I could live with myself.

I did the math and usc would cost me 10k a year, which is cheap. That’s 2 years for 20k…cheaper than the public school I dropped out of.

I’m not sure if usc is more expensive for out of state students because it is a private school.

I know csu’s and uc’s have that problem and admit less out of state students.

Just look into it.

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" Tuition is charged at the same rate for both in- state and out-of-state residents."

So there’s your answer. You could move to California or just live there after you finish your community college stuff. I think being a veteran would give you a good shot of getting in. I think it depends on your major, GPA, and extracurriculars. Average GPA of getting in is like 3.7. That’s an A- average.

They probably have a thing where if you got bad grades years ago, and then do really well now and in the future, they’ll probably consider it and ignore it. Colleges love trends.


I think my GPA is around a 3.2. When I applied to UNC I didn’t submit my grades from a decade a go where I did really bad.

A couple years ago I applied at the the University of Colorado in Denver and was denied. I was supposed to tell them why I should be allowed into the school, but I left that blank. If I made a compelling I might have gotten in. I was applying as a public health major.

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Off topic, but my brother wants to go to USC, but his grades are low right now. He needs a reality check if he wants to go there.

Anyways, good luck.

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Thanks man. :exploding_head::muscle::sunglasses:

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