Stanford lecture on schizophrenia


I think he starts the lecture like 23mins in, so you might wanna skip ahead. It is worth watching! This guy is the bomb, I watched his whole lecture series last summer.


I like Prof. Professor Sapolsky lectures, he got a wonderful way in lecturing…and it’s a wonderful series as well. :thumbsup:

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Thank you sooo much for posting this. In 3 years of trying to research SZ this has been the most informative understandable piece of work that I have seen.

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Glad to hear it! Im a psych major so I crave knowledge about myself. The rest of the series is great too, particularly the lectures on aggression and sexual behaviors. Humans are a mix between a pair bonded and tournament species- we like attractive, superior members of the opposite sex but also evaluate them on their reliability as a long term partner. We also love violence, we just like to see it in the right context- for example, even priests watch football. We just dont like when its out of a social context- look at UFC and then look at drunken brawls.


ive seen this before then I got addicted to this funny strange little man I love when he gets attacked by the African schizophrenic and didn’t know what to do.

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Thank you for posting this. I watched all of it and thought that this was an excellent.presentation. The professor was very engaging. I highly recommend watching this.


Great video clip. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Had to get rid of her, she was hearing voices at the wrong time.

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The super demon named “FOXP2” (the “speech gene”)

Speech is a demon. Here’s how I figured this out, and why it makes sense: I was practicing the magic I created and documented on this website years ago, something I call wubu fa kaozhao fa, (the practice of capturing & interrogating demons). Guided by a new york times article on November 12th of 09 on page A16, where they discussed the “speech gene”. It seems a mouse had been given the speech gene, and though he wasn’t speaking english, it did make the mouse squeak differently, causing subtle changes in the mouse brain. Apparently this “speech gene” (isolated by studying a family in Italy with a genetic speech impediment) is the maestro of an orchestra of 116 genes - a super demon.

I’ve always said, overheating the language center in a human male opens up a portal between the worlds, a portal through which the spirits can come and go, from above and below.

Creatures come upon the super demon from listening to the wind at night. Dinosaurs had it, and transmitted their wizardry across their world. Birds have it, though they’ve had it for longer, and have it quite tame, compared to us, some of us sometimes pouring all our life into that demon, and opening the portal between the worlds really wide and often (my hotel room gets infested all the time after a few weeks of dreaming language portals.)

In this little psychosis of mine, the human itself is a temple, hollow maybe sometime long ago, but now a coiled chambered home of many traditional spirits, who can be angered and purged, or placated and pleased, self organizing into harmony in their temple, or trapped, questioned, and then trained and ordered, and put to work for the benefit of all.

There’s the paradox of explaining this, as if to quell speech, by using speech. I think it’s like the Borg on Star Trek, where they ignore an intruder because they don’t see him as a threat, the way I might ignore a fly in the room, but if there are too many I might get mad and kill them all.

I use this cure for sz sometimes, phrase built out of a zen koan capping phrase and a simple opinion:

allergic to thought,
language bad,
the great black sz is beyond all talking about.



Good clip! Thanks for posting!

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outrageously irrational at one point -
talks about king of hearts, maybe it’s magical,
sz is really healthy in the crazy world, etc,
then claims to dismiss that view with the following reasoning,
commonly used once recently in the thread
“schizophrenic born not made” by atabo,
and also by mortimermouse a few weeks ago,
says “all you need to do is see one and know it’s no hidden blessing”,
which is just wildly irrational,
as i have pointed out before we all suffer but it can be a beautiful destiny
to be so magical in your own mind, the phosphenes - lights on the inside of our mind
that are not coming from outside reality, that’s our prize for staying still,
letting the stress pile up and holding it in, pop goes the star at the center
and we eat it’s magic by watching the hallucination; suffering for 31 years chased me out of my human life to the world of multicolored lights.

anyway, reason wise, just because half attempt suicide and the rest of us sure do think about it seriously at various periods in this stressful and dangerous path that can end up so gloriously, doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of blessing. Because you witness some suffering, some intense discomfort that you would not want to experience yourself, doesn’t mean there isn’t value in that experience, and to insist on that is lack of apperception.

A catholic saint would argue the same, think you can even dig up opus dei people to say that kinda thing. idealists.

just a real outrageous and irrational point for the lecture to have taken so early on.

i’m not “lost” in my own thought, i know exactly where i am, i have a map, and i know how to get back to your world, i can speak word salad but i know how to phrase your language, even playfully push the boundries of your sentence structure rules and make them run on and on,

“downward socioeconomic spiral”, at this point you know this hippy is no hippy, might as well be george w bush tellin ya, he’s sayin yeah, I’m the worldly minded camarilla, the “WEIRD” western educated industrial rich democrat, fuzzy beard and t shirt aside.; but then i’m just what he calls the pain in the ass kind of sz,

acetocholine, and acetocholineesterase, i learned like in grade school are those “enzymes” he’s talking about, to transfer the message across the neuron gaps and then to break it down again, i have been thinking about that since like age 14…always when i am flooding the brain for the purpose of generating psychosis.

i tried carba dopa leva dopa - the drug he’s talking about from the movie awakenings, actually got it from the doctor who invented it, he’s way out in long island and you can get there by bus and he doesn’t take insurance and its 700 for the first visit, not for me but for an ashkenazi girlfriend,

i tried it and it did nothin, took 5 times her dose several times, the third time i puked, so i quit, no noticeable mental enhancement.

i’d rather have a cup of coffee.

dopaminergic? maybe not me, never smoked cigarettes, and quit crack after less than a year, decades ago, maybe i don’;t really cultivate that kind of sz,

i do the glucominergic kind, all you can eat pancakes at dennys with a side of turkey dinner, and coffee and juice, that’ what i do for activatin symptoms

brain metabolism revved up by reading multiple subjects quickly in succession and combining them all in a tangential tornado of cross association in a fever induced by that 3000 calorie breakfast, and in an hour you gotta eat again, snack, two hours later another double meal,

unmedicated sz, come study this brain while i burn 2000 calories an hour with my mind reading the new york times …

i used to eat the green cat ■■■■ in the cat box on the floor - all my siblings did, and i do have problems with impulsivity, and i do realize thats the demon trying to get me to destroy myself like the mouse is to have himself eaten by the cat; i try to manage the situation.

delusions he says are things that “cannot be”,
but i carefully place my delusions in the gaps that science won’t explain
or has poor explanations for like gravity,
so the delusions i hold can possibly be,
we just can never know,
they are carfully crafted that way,
i compose in between the knowing
sz is my god of the gaps,

over working the language center,
reading 5 different topics intensely and cross wiring all the possible tangents as they light up like a christmas tree across your imagination, at 118 pounds in the 50 degrees in the morning there is steam coming of my head in the sunrise,

it’s like running,
you start skipping,
you start flying,
and you know the thought is disordered,
the communication adventerous,

So go, go, farther than the last time, leaving a trail:
lies made out of wood that sparkle in the cruel mist,
questions falling like logs just resources in the now fading light.
Arrays of demons a sign of grace on the open sky,
seasons go abandoned and the pig takes a hut.
Your mission is so confounded now the dark doesn’t matter,
and controlling figures mark the diamond essence…
but the worm pushes through - maniacal candidate
for trisomic vocation among hungry Christmas Trees glowing “No!”, “No!”,
and you sleep anyway, dreaming of islands on “W” -
three mossy islands separated by gulfs of crazy oil,
(and ya know oil and “W” don’t mix!)

and other species with linguapotentiality absoolutely do have psychosis,
]i had a bird for 26 years, every bird owner knows what happens if you go away
and leave him with plenty of food and water -
he pulls out all his feathers in self harm -
when you get back he is depressed and wont play, punishes you for set periods of time;
dolphins go crazy, turn on their friends and kill.
demon gets in on the foxp2.

here’s the value of psychosis:
he’s confused, the bearded guy in the picture,
can’t figure out how to combine the statistical facts
that implicate schizophrenogenic mothers
with the retroviral load,
and the starvation in china,
and the january correlation with flu,
like he said any trauma o fetus in third trimester or at birth,

well, here in this gap i compose of course my delusion,

when my dr spock-trained schizophrenogenic mother
locked me in a dark room to get over my tantrum
i called out in distress, in the dark, and the demons answered,
my phosphenes spoke to me, took me under their wing to their world
led me like parents, and the human social world never ever in my life
had any kind of draw or meaning, a carnival side show i don’;t really understand why its here,

when you hang out with the monsters under the bed, and you go in to the ufo abduction and they operate on you, they change you r genes.

i usd to want to do a crime, kill the judges brother, leave dna evidence, then travel to the demon world, offer myself as a sacrifice and let tem do their thing, then come to court, have them test my dna, and go, ok, i did kill your brother, but i did it as a scientific experiment to prove i could alter the genome, and you can still send me to prison if you want, i’ll let you.

(toxiplasmagondii power trip)

hey sometimes it’s not maladaptive but wildly useful in certain human contexts - click.