Standing up for my fellow disabled workers

One of the loaders at my store has Aspberger’s, and the other cashiers talk about him behind his back. They’re not overtly mean about it, but they adopt this really condescending tone. He has been stressed out lately, and they’re saying he needs to get his meds adjusted, and talking to the manager about him. He is doing his job perfectly well. They act concerned, but it sounds like they just like feeling better than someone.

And I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I said that if someone is going through a stressful time, all the meds in the world won’t help them. What they need is support and understanding. And I said I would know, because when I am stressed, my meds don’t work as well. That got them off the topic of him, but now I have a million questions to answer. They know I had a bad concussion at my last job, and that I’m only cleared to work part time by my doctor. I didn’t get into specifics yet. But I figure, I may as well answer their questions honestly, because if I don’t they will just talk about me behind my back and make random guesses about my life.

There was no real point to this post. It was just something on my mind, so I felt the need to share it.


good on you for sticking up for the person…it shows you have a kind soul :heart:
and good on you for educating them… :books:
take care :alien:


You did great, that kind of thing is horrible for the ones in the other end.

Good job standing up for your coworker! You showed you have strength of character and integrity.

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**Yes-be upfront about yourself.
Nothing to worry about.
You showed a lot of courage in standing up for your co-worker! There needs to be more people like you! :crown: **

Back when I was on a Residential treatment farm center for people with mental illness and people with substance abuse issues there was one girl who would always talk ■■■■ about people behind their backs really badly. So I would stand up to her then it got worse. So I told a staff and they shut her up. But yeah I get it’s really irritating. I made a mistake once they were making fun of this one kid saying he was equivalent to a highly evolved monkey and I said “I’m pretty sure he has asbergers”…and they start cracking up in laughter. I say “That’s not funny”. So I told the lead lady and she made an announcement about it in group. Pissed me off. Good on you.