Standing outside 7-11 drinking a coke and people-watching

A 7-11 store is right next door to my house. I go there at least once a day and sometimes I go there three times in one day. Sometimes I just buy a soda and lean against the wall drinking it and watching the people go by.

A university is about 5 minutes away and there are about 5 or 6 sororities or fraternities houses on my street and the surrounding streets. So we get a lot of college kids walking around along with the homeless and people from other boarding houses and there are families walking around pushing strollers.

I like to watch people and sometimes I might scare someone who looks like they might deserve it, but I’m actually a very mellow guy. and the other tenants from my house go there as often as I do. I don’t really hang around anybody here but I talk to them occasionally. I’m a friendly person and I think that it’s good to have a little good will between us. I try not to bother anybody.

I don’t think many of them work and they ask me for money sometimes. I don’t really mind giving them a quarter or a dollar sometimes so they can get themselves a drink at the store. They know that sometimes I will say “no” to them and they don’t push the matter. I figure that buying them a coke every now and then ( only if they ask politely) is no big deal and I think it also spreads good will between us.

Hmm. The girls here.

I’m friendly with them. There’s only one women out of all seven women who is my age here and we talk briefly if we are all watching television. The younger girls are funny, lol. They think they’re putting one over on me, but I am alright with that, they will learn eventually that they are wrong. It’s OK, they are in their early twenties and if it makes them happy to play around I will go along with it.

I just dig that after most of my life without being able to talk with women, I am finally able to joke around and hold conversations with them. I guess I’m just more mature now and now at my age (55) I have just been around them so much at work and school and everywhere else for 40 years that I have figured them out a little. I know they’re just people like everybody else. But I was just very shy growing up ( and I still am) and I had issues with my looks and my confidence that still get in the way in many areas of my life and I am just getting over some of those problems

I didn’t mean this to turn out as a big monologue about women, but the women here are cool and I enjoy talking to them and being around them. End of story.