St. Patricks day

does your country celebrate it? :trophy:


many here celebrate it. they were talking about it on the radio earlier. mostly it’s just an excuse for some people to drink i think.

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yes, we are having corned beef brisket and cabbage…no green beer but plenty of food…!!


Nopes, or maybe yes… I don’t know… I’m in the UK… Really stupid girl here… But I have heard of a Patrick before IRL. I used to have a crush on him. Now I’m just afraid to be around him.

But yes, I think UK celebrates it :slight_smile:

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yes canada recognizes st patricks day but not a public holiday except in newfoundland. however orangemen’s day is a public holiday in newfoundland.

My granddad and mom died that day, years apart. My brother was born that day, too.

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Question: Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland?

Answer: Because they couldn’t walk.


I found out that I’m allergic to yellow food coloring on my first St Patrick’s Day in college.

Green beer.

I got super sick and later found out it was because of the food coloring.

Can’t celebrate it much because I can’t eat anything green!

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