SSRI - time to reach blood stream?

I was wondering how much time it takes for a SSRI like lexapro(escitalopram) 10mg to reach bloodstream if taken orally ?

I cant tolerate above 10mg.

So lets say if its half life is 24 hours, then if i take 10mg at bedtime(9pm) then it will be 7.5mg by 9 am next day. So 2.5mg is wasted. So i thought i should take 10mg in morning so the day will start with 10mg of med in my bloodstream instead of 7.5mg in my bloodstream.

Im still confused if i should take lexapro in morning or bedtime, I want maximum lexapro effectiveness when i am awake so taking at bedtime doesnt make sense right ? Cuz by the time i wake up, some amount of lexapro in my blood will be reduced to some extent. I just want that when i wake up my bloodstream of lexapro should start from 10mg.

Another question i have - Is eating meals after taking meds will slow its absorption or will it reduce its absorption. My pdoc told me to take meds after meals but sometimes i eat meals after taking meds. Is that ok ?

This comes from my nursing experience and knowledge. Most of the time, SSRI’s like Escitalopram are prescribed to be taken in the morning because they are supposed to give you more up and go. However, my partner is on this medication and he takes it at night. He has the interesting experience of being more tired after taking it rather than given more pep. As for meals, it doesn’t matter if you take your medication before or after eating. Some medications required you to take them with a meal, but to my knowledge, Escitalopram doesn’t have any stipulations like this.

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I’m not sure about other ADs but I know Cipralex is best taken with a meal and in the morning.

Although everybody’s body chemistry is different …

How much time it takes for escitalopram(Lexapro) to hit the bloodstream when taken orally ?

You mean to take Cipralex after meals ?

Im thinking of taking it around 8am, so it will prolly have complete absorbtion in the blood by 12-1pm