SSI/SSDI Possible rule change

This has me really worried.

“They often suffer from maladies such as debilitating back pain, depression, a herniated disc, or schizophrenia.”

“The inclusion of Step 5 people in the “Medical Improvement Likely” category appears to make little sense, advocates for recipients say.”

“He said he believes the ultimate aim of the rule is to review Step 5 recipients so often that they ultimately lose their benefits because of the difficulties complying with the review process.”

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Thanks. I must’ve missed that one!

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You have several physical disabilities as well don’t you? What are you worried about?

Getting kicked off. Not filling out reviews correctly. Especially if they’re going to be more frequent.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

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Nothing wrong with it being bumped up the list.

I know who I’m voting against in the next Presidential election.


I dont know how SSA would be able to do more frequent reviews. They already dont have enough staff to handle the amount of reviews they currently have. They would have to hire more people.

They would have to be high on crack if they think schizos are gonna fall into the new medical improvement likely category .