Ssi review came and went

I get to keep my SSI. The paper came in this morning. It went up to 750. Which is good news. So I get to keep about 45 dollars of it the rest goes towards rent.


I remember being told I would be living off 10 bucks a month if I went to a group home. That’s why we need to get better and work part time.

I’m happy for you but 45 bucks isn’t a lot!


I know but it’s better than nothing

What do you get in return for your “rent” money?

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Apartment, all utilities including cable and internet.

You should be paying like 400 total plus you should get paid for the work you do cleaning

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I know that but getting paid from them would never happen.

First negotiate rent for 400 then calc your cleaning fees at $10 / hr and deduct from the rent payment


I like how you think!

What was it before?

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