SSI Lawyer Blizzard

Do you want to make $783 a month? Do you not care if attractive people ignore you? Would you like to live in poverty for life? Have you applied for SSI but been rejected? Do you want that headache of a kid who can’t hold down a job be taken care of? Have they rejected her? Well get me as your lawyer. I’ll fix you right up because the US government is made up of lawyers who created the system where you need a lawyer to do it. And the government won’t have to put you or your kid in the unemployment statistics. (Good luck getting off it though). Call me now at 1-800- you-lose.

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I understand that some people need it these days but I must tell you it ain’t the good life. In case you are wondering my parents told me the doctor told them to put me on it but I suspect the cost of the meds was a bigger part of it. I was once told by a doctor that being put on it means they presume you’ll never maintain gainful employment. Think twice about getting yourself or your kid on it.

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