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The postal would not accept my files to be sent back to ssa that didn’t require stamps. It was request for phone hearing if that was accepted and form for additional files. Should I not send them in or use another envelope and get stamp.? Can that help? I have schzioaffective , personality disorder adhd . I can primp do makeup,"act normal"most times not to beean etc but little things get me

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I’d like to help if I could but I don’t understand the question. Are you saying that you sent in a “pre paid” postage envelope and they wouldn’t accept it for some reason? If that is the case I would just get a stamp and resend. Stamps don’t cost that much.

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I agree with @Bowens . Good luck!

I’d do what is necessary for the government to get their forms. Stamps are cheap, I would use another envelope and stamp.

I had to send in my monthly income to my social worker at the end of every month. I would fill out the necessary form and used an envelope and stamp to send it to them. They now have a website where I can do it all online so it’s no longer a concern for me anymore.

:smirk:wat happens if I can’t get a stamp and send it in ? Not to sound like pain in the butt

If you don’t send it in, you won’t receive the help

Why wouldn’t you be able to get a stamp? Buy them from the post office or some grocery stores or drug stores sell them. You can even buy a roll or a sheet of them online easily from the USPS website. Putting a stamp on an envelope is the easiest thing ever. It might take two or three stamps if it’s a thick envelope with a lot of forms inside.

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