SSI disability and retirement

If my husband makes 1,275 every two weeks and gets retirement on top of that, I believe he mentioned $700 or so. How will my disability amount be affected? I don’t want his income to affect my disability. I need it to pay for my medical bills, prescriptions and appointments.

Ask your local Social Security office for the answer.
I’m just guessing, but if your husband makes more than when you recieved your ssdi checks, they could reduce yours, or maybe you will just have to pay taxed on yours too?


I just found out the FBR is $1,125 for couples. And income can’t exceed FBR limits. Can the adjust it based on cost of living expenses? I’m afraid they’re going to reject me after I’ve been approved. They can’t unapprove me, can they?

If it were SSDI it wouldn’t matter but for SSI it will probably go away. There are income limits. Sorry.

I don’t believe they adjust it based of cost of living. That’s the total you can make period. That’s the problem I ran into.

Phil looked it up and made me look

if we get married, I guess nothing will be affected.

It depends upon you, and your income, I would imagine.

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