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It took 2 years to finally get a hearing for my SSI claim. I have applied before but this time I was able to get help with an attorney. I applied in September 2019, and the Hearing is for May 2021.

I am nervous they won’t think I’m disabled enough because it’s not an obvious or visible disease. I have three or four other chronic health conditions I wasn’t even able to include: sleep apnea etc. and I’m definitely unhappy with my weight but I have been losing pounds lately.

I’m just worried about the future, and SSI would be nice but I can’t count on it I hear horror stories of people on the cusp of losing it all the time. Not having a job or source of income, not having a degree, having schizophrenia and no one guiding me on how to gain income on my own. Parents one is disabled and the other is too busy working to be able to support me on that issue. My dad won’t pay any of my bills. It really kind of bothers me…but he doesn’t pay bills for health related or food.

I really want to work and have money so I don’t end up carrying my parents debt or who knows what happens. But since I can’t seem to get any sort of gainful work or employment I am filing for SSI. I obsess about getting jobs all the time, and yet can’t manage to get one because there are so many barriers. No car, so can’t go to the local warehouse, or anything in person.

Just spent stimulus $600 on a nice computer

Should I continue job searching while I wait for my hearing? If I am able to finally start working in like a month, I would probably have to tell them at the SSI hearing?
The general advice I am receiving is that the admin. uses any excuse it can to deny people, it’s because of the Republicans, and that the new administration will hopefully fix the outdated system.

If I had money I could do a lot more. But I’m living without money right now. I think having some money to spend would be a good thing, whether I find a good job or get some help, either way something would be better than nothing.


SSI is largely for people who can’t work or have no other income. I don’t know how to put this: but it might look “bad” for you to have a job before the hearing or get a job right after you get awarded the benefits. You’re lawyer should know more about it from experience.


The whole deal stresses me out.

When I moved into my first group home when I was 19 and just diagnosed, my first instinct was to go out and get a job. I actually got a job a week after I moved in. I did it myself without anyone’s knowledge. When my parents found out they just laughed and said, “Nick, don’t worry about having a job, just concentrate on getting better.” So I quit.
I might offer you the same advice?


Took me 6 months after my diagnosis to get SSI. It’s been good for 10+ years but now I’m tired of it and don’t really want to be on it anymore. It’s getting tough. The previous admin was tougher. I don’t like the current admin really, but I stopped thinking, commenting, and complaining as much. I just wanna make money and leave.

Well I’m 32. I had a job before 2018 and I managed it through the auditory hallucinations and social isolation without telling anyone. I went to college, got 62 credits, worked at Mcdonald’s for 3 weeks and made breakfast burritos. I was fired because they were “too good” and then everyone was ordering in massive quantities that I couldn’t keep up. The boss fired me and said “Fast food wasn’t the right industry for you” so yeah she was a biatch. Tried a job at Goodwill and told I didn’t care enough to deserve a job, and that I was over-dressed. Tried to get a job at Waffle House. Waffle house is intense, the training was like bootcamp.

Now it’s a pandemic and I was planning to go back to college to finish an associates but that was 2020 and my PELL Grant expired in 2020 so I get no more money for tuition I guess the schools claimed it even though I never attended class and withdrew before the deadline.

I got accepted to a bunch of colleges but that was 10 years ago and I’m not sure I have the desire to spend money on school because it was deprived of me and the opportunities just constantly crushed for some reason or another.

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My lawyer was cool for my appeal.
He did all the necessary paperwork. He told me what the hearing was going to be like and what the judge might ask me. He said he would do most of the talking and the judge would just ask me just a few basic questions.

He told me he couldn’t tell me how to answer but just be honest. And when we had a hearing in a small room with my parents there, my lawyer and me and the judge it went exactly as my lawyer said it would. And I barely had to talk. And I got benefits awarded to me. I should mention that I was psychotic as hell at the time.

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I got aspergers and schizophrenia/schizo-affective disorder. Seems pretty bad or average but I don’t scream at walls or anything. Mainly suffer from cognitive and delusions and negative symtpoms like no drive/motivation/energy and depression.

I was told they can’t do anything for my Aspergers. ■■■■ them. That’s what the lmft said. I only can get help because of sza/sz. I think sz/sza should be straight forward if you have that. It’s pretty lifelong and disabling.

I got a 3 year review. I plan on getting off in the next year (hopefully, cross my fingers, and pray). I’m so tired of living in poverty. I cannot have more than 2k in savings AND I feel like the school or government gave me schizophrenia, but I cannot rule out some weird illuminati/fake alien crap. Maybe the aliens were real, but it still doesn’t make sense…totally.

I’m just pissed off. I got nothing for it. Just denial and lies from the doctors and ignorance, stupidity, and not listening to my story.

I couldn’t work 5+ years ago even if you put a gun to my head. But now I think I can. Mainly because my DP/DR and panic attacks and stuff are gone. I don’t know what really happened to me, but I think I was tortured.

@anon71432064 I just filed for both SSDI and SSI but my lawyer’s office said I most likely won’t get SSI so we’re banking only for SSDI.

I’m so sorry you have to go through this alone it sounds like. My spouse is doing everything and I’m still receiving unemployment. I know I’m in a much better situation than you are having to deal with.

I hope you figure out a way to stay sheltered, have food and all your basic needs while you wait for their response.

I’ll be posting my situation here if it helps you in anyway. I’m filing in California. I hear the process was a breeze for some and long drawn out for others. It really depends on the judge which I hear from someone who works on approving SSI SSDI is a huge factor in the process.

Find assistance anywhere possible. In California I would also qualify for food stamps. And there are services that aid in utility bills. Just look everywhere you can for help.


One thing I hope they do away with are the caps in savings. You should be putting that money away for the future, not spending it all and I found out SSI doesn’t let you save money. I’m super dismayed that it feels more like a punishment I’m going through all this. I don’t want to get stuck in a cycle of poverty, but I need to be able to survive too. If my parents helped right now it would benefit my future, but I don’t know if they realize this.

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I’m kind of afraid of getting my case rejected. But I am not fit for work in the field I was in so either way I’m not going back to work.

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My lawyer said I won’t win my SSI due to receiving unemployment. This is a tough position to be in waiting for months to years. (Crossing fingers for months) with not much assistance.
I wish you the best.


Yeah its hard because my symptoms/episodes are transient and brought on more fully by stress. I have a muscle condition and have had paranoid schizophrenia since being fifteen. When I was working at a warehouse I thought everything was a conspiracy because I was stressed and working night shifts. I didn’t do a full week of work the entire time but I did get paid and they didn’t try to fire me because it was a seasonal job. I see now how my cognitive impairments are getting in the way, it’s getting worse all the time. I really feel robbed by this stupid disease. I tried my whole life to work and finish college my whole life was work work work finish finish finish and I failed. If I get rejected for this its just further proof the systems rigged against me.

My lawyer also said it might be difficult for me to get Disability because I’m still in my 40s. =(

I do agree, the system might be rigged. I’m not counting on it. But I’m really hope something unexpected to happen and I do get it.

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Good luck! I’m going to write down my physical and mental impairments and how they impact and limit job performance. Maybe you could try doing this? It could help with the fears too that you’re facing because you can process it better. I’m nervous to write this down because I will have to spend a moment really concentrating on all my symptoms throughout my life and why its been hard to find work or a steady job. It will also be easier to keep myself from just stream-of-thought about it, and not have these thoughts swirling in my head about what to expect. I often don’t want to think about my limits, so it will be a task to write them.

Yeah, i think this will be a good thing for me to do = as I can barely express myself in therapy today. This would give myself and people a better understanding of how this impairs me, what I can do and can’t. What I will forever struggle with. I think this would be good. Thanks for the advice.

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