SsDi is screwing me hard

Why was I denied 3 times SSDI, I have a lawyer, 6 years of on and off hospitalization for psychosis, suicide attempts, chatonic behavior. 7 different psychiatrists. They’ve tried me on a slew of meds and nothing that doesn’t cause diabetes seems to work (ex. Rexulti, Vraylar) Zoloft makes me want to end up like Cobain. Is it possible to have an IQ too high to recieve benifits? If so, wtf mate.

I don’t think IQ has much to do with whether or not you receive SSDI. I suppose it is conceivable that if some authority figure saw your IQ score he or she might be against your getting SSDI, but I doubt if said authority figure ever sees your IQ score. I’ve come across people with very high IQ’s who were totally dysfunctional, so they shouldn’t base their decision on that. I think a lot of luck plays a role in their decision. You’ve just had the misfortune to come across some very unsympathetic people who decide your case.

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Maybe your lawyer isn’t doing his job. Maybe you need a new lawyer.