SSDI Child's Benefit? Help?

So, I just found out there’s a child’s benefit?!? I’ve been trying to research how to apply but everything is just like yeah, this is who qualifies. But nothing is saying how to apply!

Help? Anyone? My brain is fried and maybe I’m just missing something really obvious?

Is there a number you can call?

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🤷 probably? Maybe the regular SSA number? I think I’d rather just go to the social security office and deal with it in person, though. I really hate phone calls.

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I understand that completely!

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A friend of mine is on SSDI, I think, but he does not have schizophrenia.

Reason for being disabled doesn’t really have anything to do with the question?

I know- I was just trying to say that my friend, who is under 21, is on this for a different reason.

I was not referring to the difference of reason. I think perhaps there are different versions of SSDI- he is registered as an individual. Have you inquired your state about this issue?

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