SSDI back on

It looks like my SSDI got turned back on so I have to stop looking for jobs I guess. I went back to work for a while and it had gotten turned off.

I had it reinstated for 6 months and this was my 6th month. I never got a letter from disability determination services but my benefit verification letter on line doesn’t say it’s provisional any more.

I was going to start training for a publishing company on Monday and was thinking of working for Boeing on a NASA contract for the space program. I disclosed my illness though. Had to so I may not have gotten the job. They wanted a medication list too. So I had to say I had something.


I’m glad you managed to get your disability back. For me it’s been a savior.


Yes I just read the letter again and it said I became disabled under their rules in December of last year. 2021. It used to say 2014.

I must still have bad medical records. Haven’t read them in a while.

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It has helped me getting on disability out here and doing volunteering for years. It’s nice to have that safety net and I think the governments have totally cut that out for the newer generations over here. I think that is appalling in this day and age.

I can’t help having sz but I deserve to live a life too. It’s different from 99% of people anyways so it’s not bad to give me and others a break with things!


not sure if they still do this, social security admin,
but I was told they pull a random file
who’s applied for SSDI
there’s really no order to it.
I had to keep calling my local office
to get back on it
after working too long
to get it back for trial work period.
but anyway, glad you got it back.


I get a fat SSDI check. My wife and I also started our own business so I am going to help her and not look for jobs anymore. I can make a lot more working but I don’t have good luck with keeping jobs.

I get loads of emails from indeed, Glassdoor and zip recruiter. Going to see if they have an unsubscribe button.


Can you compose a list of all the different jobs you have held for me? I hope to get some clarity for myself

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Some guy called me and offered me another job in New Orleans. But it ain’t as far as the NASA job. It’s an aircraft mechanic job. On commercial airliners. He said $26 to $35 an hour. It’s full time with benefits.

I am going to ask about part time. I think I can make like $1350 a month on SSDI. At 25 bucks an hour that wouldn’t be many hours a week. Probably not worth it.

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That is right for sure. My aunt one time told me pick myself up by my bootsraps! Well ■■■■■ the bootstraps are broken from an illness only 2% of the population gets. :smiley:


That is great that you gave working a try. Also glad you have your benefits reinstated. Good luck with your business.

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I got offered another job today. Aviation Safety manager. Government contract job. For airplanes and helicopters. Somewhere in Florida. I forget exactly where. I interviewed for that a couple to few weeks ago. I am definitely not moving to Florida.

Told them no. When I interviewed the guy told me I was way overqualified. I think the pay was like $72,000 a year. The job listing said $80,000 though. I didn’t even ask when she called today just said I wasn’t interested.

Social security finally sent me a letter. It just says I am going to keep getting paid. Nothing about a disability decision.

I asked that guy with the aircraft mechanic job about part time. He said it’s only full time.

I only get $700/month from SSDI. My husband gets a lot more from SSDI than I do. But with our 3 kids money is super tight. I wish we qualified for Medicaid but we don’t so I take Haldol because it’s cheap.

So are you still thinking you’ll do the at home business instead

We have a home business. It’s in my wife’s name but I help out. My SSDI is like $2600 a month so I think I am permanently retired now. I am almost 52.

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You’re very lucky.

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It doesn’t have anything to do with luck it’s how much you paid into it when you were working. I worked most of my life.

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Yes I know. But you’re still lucky. I used to be married to a man who didn’t allow me to work. Every time I snuck and got a job he caught me and forced me to quit

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At least you qualified. My wife is disabled also but doesn’t have enough work credits to get SSDI. That’s why she started a business. Hopefully we make money at it.

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When I was healthy my wife never had to work. I brought home plenty of cash to live comfortably. She raised our son and did an excellent job. I was almost never home. He is a fine man today.


I hope your business succeeds too. I’m sorry she can’t get the help she needs. I wanted to work because we needed the money. But I did get to take care of my daughter and that’s a blessing. Although, it would have been a lot better in a non abusive environment

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I hope for the best for you. Good luck raising your children.

I got sick when my son was in high school. I just wanted to quit and run home and live with my parents but didn’t want him to have to change schools and have to find new friends and all that stuff so I kept working.

Then he finally graduated and I thought I could quit then and run back home to mom and dad but then he wanted to go to college. So I kept working.

Those were rough years. I don’t think I could ever go back and do all that again. It was too much. He just made 29 this week and is independent. I can rest now.