Ssdi application, medical part approved

I heard from social security on my SSDI application, and the medical requirement was met to receive benefits.

but the non-medical part was not met

so the way the letter is written, it says to wait for the 2nd letter and then submit the appeal and have a hearing.


I’ve never heard of that before. What non-medical part are they referring to? What does that mean?

i am very happy for you…at least it is a start…just keep fighting and hopefully everything will fall into place…thanks for keeping us informed

Yeah, I don’t get it either. What does that mean? I just got my ADL questionnaire in the mail. Next up is the physical exam for me.

for me it means I worked last year for 5 months and I earned more than about $1000 a month when I did work, if I’m reading the social security guidelines correctly.

so, the rule, if I read it right is you are denied if you were gainfully employed during the 2-year period where they calculate the disability. I did try to go back to work, and I worked for 5 months. So, I should be able to say that this return to work was a ‘failed attempt’ at working, and be granted disability at the appeal

this ‘working’ history is considered ‘non-medical’ evidence.
my health records are considered medical evidence, and those show the disability

Ohhhh, I understand now. Isn’t it annoying all the technicalities Social Security pulls out before giving benefits?

I sincerely hope that you successfully appeal this and finally get the benefits you’ve EARNED.

Many Blessings,


well, good news and bad news. good news is that social security called and I was awardd benefits. bad news to me is that I do qualify, I have this’ disability’

I’m glad that you were approved.

As far as the acknowledgement of your disability, I can see how that would make you a bit sad. :frowning:

I know exactly how you feel, as do most of the people here I can imagine. When I got approved I went from “YAY!” to “Damn…” In under a second. Having SZ and having a disability are 2 different blows.

On the bright side, you can focus less on finances and more on recovery. If you are well enough and are up to it, look for volunteer jobs that you can do. That’s my plan when I can function well enough. Volunteer work will hopefully provide something to do, a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of ‘giving back’.


I got a check already!


How long did the whole process take?

I applied online in December

I wrote a 2 page description outlining why I thought I qualified for SSDI (with the help of a friend), the 2 page description listed the hospitalizations, why I thought there was decompensation, using the guide on SSDI website. I took this 2-page write-up to the local social security office, along with some paperwork that proved i did stupid things while suffering from psychosis.

then I waited and waited. There was a 5 month waiting period, they opened my application in month 4 (a disability reviewer), called me, interviewed me over the phone, asked some questions. sent a family member a letter on activities of daily living. they talked to my current doctor, and sent me a form to fill out regarding my daily activities. Doctors reviewed the packet for 2 weeks.

it was approved last week, I got a check today. 5 months. went very smoothly, no hearing or appeal.

I provided evidence of my stupid psychotic events outside of the medical records, I believe that helped.