Ssa ticket to work program?

I did natural life today FYI

I’m hearing a great singer right now

I found the vocational rehab counsellors to be very condescending -chew

Me too! They had contacts at The Goodwill Store and treated me like I was a retard.

Then my pdoc wrote a letter saying gainful employment was doubtful and they , the vocational rehab group dumped me.

What’s been you’re experience?

First I worked on a farm and the lady was just very rude I thought and disrespectful. I told her I was 24 and I had been out of school for 3 years. And she said “WHAAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE THEN?!?!?” If it was now I’d probably say “trying to recover from SCHIZOPHRENIA” but it was then so I just said “I dunno”

Then job 2 I was treated like I was mentally disabled, not mentally ill. I worked at a nature center where I had a year and a half experience volunteering at another nature center. She had ZERO knowledge about working with animals but she treated me like she knew 100x as much as I did. She was probably the least intelligent person I’ve met in my life. God I hated her. She was so smug and rude and condescending. I told her I couldn’t do the job anymore because I didn’t wanna see her anymore. So ya I quit. Terrible experience. She was just a bad person. She had never heard of the genre of classic rock she was really rude about it too. I was like “you’ve never heard of the Beatles, led Zeppelin, etc…?” And she gave some smug response. Gosh I disliked her. I forget what else pushed my buttons with her but there was A LOT

I agree, the system doesn’t differentiate between retard and mental illness. I get so frustrated I feel I should try and go back to work. I feel I can manage my illness better now, although I’m frightened it’s getting worse, and here I mean my left arm is going numb. It’s not Sz, it’s not really visible, but my left arm weakens and goes tingling and numb.

Some ppl say to just stay on disability, I dunno.

You’re right Daze.

@NiceHat. Here’s a similar topic from 6 months ago. Not sure if there’s anything useful there but worth a look.

SSA Ticket to Work Program

This can be considered a pretty offensive term @NiceHat. You’ve used it a couple of times on this thread. Maybe consider using a different term.


I already saw this which is why I’ve been asking skims and tomcat for advice on this thread. Daze needs to go see a doctor.

No, retard is the appropriate word. The handicapped Developement center assisted development disabled people find work, that’s who the vocational rehab people wanted to work with in looking for my employment. The system is a joke.

Intellectually disabled is the appropriate word. Retardation as a diagnosis was phased out years ago.


Actually @NiceHat, these days “retard” is considered inappropriate because in the past it has frequently been used as a pejorative term.


Please stop telling Daze to go to see a doctor every time you don’t like one of her posts. It’s not helpful.


it sounds like you just met the wrong co-workers/employers…

when I got mail about the ticket-to-work program, I checked out the website. It seemed like a place where people get jobs and job training. I heard the program even give mentally ill persons some advantages, to counter the discrimination against them.

for mentally ill people who receive benefits from the government; I think, at some point, they will have to participate in the program.

I used the ticket to work twice in the mid 2000’s. The first voc rehab counclier scared me off because he couldn’t walk and said I shouldn’t be here because I don’t have a physical illness. When I went back 2 years later I got a good counclier who was blind. She sent me to a 3rd party employment agency.They got me a trial job at a hospital. Because of shyness and lack of skill they couldn’t find me a permanent job. I screwed up all the interviews. Most of the jobs that I could do are jobs done mostly by women. I was the only one that passed the typing and ten key test but because I am male they wouldn’t hire me. I went insane after this. I had a severe schizophrenic episode. I have not tried to work since. If I go back a third time the job coach will have to come in the middle of the night. Because I will do graveyard shift. I don’t have a car but I can walk to the grocery store to stock. Voc rehab isn’t give it a look. You can also look at other employment agencies that take ticket to work. Losing health insurance is another reason that I don’t go back. I can’t work without a high dose of Zyprexa.

Due to recent set backs with my job search and mental status, I’m thinking of giving Ticket to Work a try. Or at least going to the agency to see what they have to offer regular job searchers. I tried to do it alone, the search, but I need professional help.

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Me too, I need professional help too. I’m finding the volunteer work very helpful in boosting my confidence. I found the vocational rehab suggestion a horrible waste of time.

Maybe you just need a trial work period then? You can work for 9 months I believe before you loose the benefits. This is what I planned on doing because I will probably make too much money and lose the SSDI money right away. So it seems what you are looking for is a CareerOneStop maybe

Yes I joined the equivalent to that career one stop here. I’m like you, I’d make too much money, its only working 2 days per week, and yes after 9 months the trial work period is over.

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I used to think like that too.

but I tend to think it’s just my paranoia, and that I actually lack the skills to partake in the job. besides; passing an exam is not always an indication of the best candidate, especially when there are other candidate with many hours of actual work experience who did average on the test.

For me a year and a half trial work period off of ssdi then back on it immediately