Ssa ticket to work program?

Anyone else have any experience participating in this program?

You should read more posts.

They said I was ineligible

I’m worried about you, appears to be something like loose associations. Your postings just keep getting more bizarre.
Please call the doctor.

Supposed friends on sites always deter to another method

Try doing a search on this forum. Here’s some links that I found.

@Skims. I like your new avatar.

I know one forum member has gone back to school , I just sent a PM.

I went to Vocational Rehab over the summer, that ended when my pdoc wrote them a letter saying I couldn’t work.

I volunteer at Habitat for Humanity 2 days a week. It feels good to get away from this and functional in the real world. So, I’d like to look for a job. A friend and I sat and talked it through. Doesn’t appear to be any harm in looking is what we decided.

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I have found work through the Department of Rehabilitation’s Return to Work program (I don’t know if it’s the same thing?).
You have to be pretty proactive asking for stuff like a check for a bus pass or gas money, but they’ll help you out so long as they can justify it as work-necessary.

things they’ve done:

upgraded my resume to make it look all professional and short

gotten me LEAP certified (that;s for state and fed jobs, specifically geared for those with a disability, LEAP helps you find work because it gives you a small advantage when you’re being compared to others with similar qualifications)

provided one on one interview training help (Omg, this helped sooooo much, I had no idea how rambling I could get until the practice interview)

helped me with the application process, watching over your shoulder even!

provided emotional support through the hiring process (so important–> I kept freaking out over the background check and wanting to email them about it right away–the DOR work specialist kept me calm and talked me out of it. He said it wouldn’t look good if I asked “what happened with the background check” the day after I submitted to it. lol)

they help reimburse you for some of your clothes expenses (I need to buy professional clothing and shoes). It’s only a little bit, but everything helps.

Helped me get a smart watch!!! I have cognitive issues remembering dates, events, appointments, etc., so it took a long time, but they finally agreed to it! :smiley:

Highly recommend, but they will cut you loose if they don’t hear from you in a while, so email them updates about your job search!

Best of luck!


Yeah I was in the ticket to work program. They cut ties with me my second time going to them

If you try it let us know how it goes.

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Nice hat you are hyper critical but interestingly only to certain people.

This topic is not new and you aren’t the only one who’s mentioned it.

Best advice I ever got at voc rehab:

Every thought you’ve ever had has been thought by someone else.

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I’m signed up to attend career boot camp starting next week. I need help interviewing through my mess. I’m work in the business office at Habitat as a secretary volunteer, as I’ll replace their regular office manager in January when she gets her knee replaced. Looking forward to January :smile:

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That’s ridiculous @Daze, please visit your doctor soon.

Yeah think of it even every proud moment of an original thought

Already done before you.

I signed up for this ticket to work program, I’ll attend the same career resources that those on unemployment have to attend, it’s called an EN in social security speak but when I think I can possibly explain it I get overwhelmed.

Are you listening?

I did all that too

They said I’m illedible

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I found the vocational rehab counsellors to be very condescending -chew

Me too! They had contacts at The Goodwill Store and treated me like I was a retard.

Then my pdoc wrote a letter saying gainful employment was doubtful and they , the vocational rehab group dumped me.

What’s been you’re experience?

First I worked on a farm and the lady was just very rude I thought and disrespectful. I told her I was 24 and I had been out of school for 3 years. And she said “WHAAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE THEN?!?!?” If it was now I’d probably say “trying to recover from SCHIZOPHRENIA” but it was then so I just said “I dunno”

Then job 2 I was treated like I was mentally disabled, not mentally ill. I worked at a nature center where I had a year and a half experience volunteering at another nature center. She had ZERO knowledge about working with animals but she treated me like she knew 100x as much as I did. She was probably the least intelligent person I’ve met in my life. God I hated her. She was so smug and rude and condescending. I told her I couldn’t do the job anymore because I didn’t wanna see her anymore. So ya I quit. Terrible experience. She was just a bad person. She had never heard of the genre of classic rock she was really rude about it too. I was like “you’ve never heard of the Beatles, led Zeppelin, etc…?” And she gave some smug response. Gosh I disliked her. I forget what else pushed my buttons with her but there was A LOT