SS re-evaluation

What do they ask you to determine if you are still eligible for SS? Do they request more documents from your psychiatrist? Just trying to get a gauge as I’m up for my 3 year re-evaluation soon.

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@cbbrown just went through it.

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I just seen that. That would be cool if you could weigh in @cbbrown

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mine is up for review…it asks for information about living conditions, how well you get along with others, hobbies interests, limitations, what you can do, daily activities, it asks if I’ve worked the last two years and then it asks for more contact information from people who know about my condition…that’s basically it…this is the second questionnaire I’ve had to fill out for this…it’s making me nervous

if they deny you after you’ve previously been approved, you can appeal and still receive benefits while the appeal is being processed

and yes they asked for contact information from my psychiatrist

They ask that you memorize three words then he or she ask you some questions like describe your day, what are your hobbies. Then they ask you what three words they asked you to remember. I only remembered one.

They asked questions about trauma and the remembering sequences of numbers and word association.

I didn’t have a psychiatric doctor at the time so they just sent papers to me and my partner and my new therapist.

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They want to know if you have recovered enough to function and if you are capable of supporting yourself. They don’t want to give money to someone who doesn’t need it.

I always just contacted my psychiatrist and got them to sign a short note. Then i scanned it and sent it to SS by email. Never had to do much else except maybe a brief questionnaire.

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