Spring is here, and I'm scared

Tell me about the end of winter shedding your skin

and being so hyper sensitized that you get pent up everything,
but what a little sex won’t cure,

not enough though.

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I don’t understand you had sex?

just this season, it’s bittersweet.

but yeah, I’m having sex.

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nice bro,
how did you manage that?

ah! I do online dating, and then found, Phil.

he’s my man now.

So you are gay?

She’s not a bro. :smile:
I have sex too. I think a lot of us here have sex.

wow nice, teach me. I’m lonely. I don’t care if i have sex with a man or a girl.

Step 1. Find someone who wants to have sex with you
Step 2. Have sex


But how.
I live a fairly isolated life.yes, I’ll go to the gym and work and things. But I do not meet anyone that quickly.

There are websites and apps, you know.
Most people can find someone if they don’t have unrealistic standards.


ahha nice. i will try something. Im scared because i have libido problems from all the medication i take

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You could talk to your doctor about that. There are options.

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maybe viagra hahaha

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you might be able to try spray, or if you are concerned about STD’s

I think they offer it in condoms, a way to stay erect.

I just use a condom. One with a lot of lubricant in it. That it glides smoothly. delicious

I’m wearing the ring Phil got me for Christmas right now,
it’s my birth stone, June, Moonstone.
I hope I look nice enough, he got paid today, and we’re going out to eat,
just black jeans and black shirt, I don’t think he likes me wearing skirts,
thinks I’m trying to act like a younger woman.

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