Spring has come

Yesterday went for a walk, it was 19ºC outside, really good weather, everybody was cheerful on the street, that always happens when the spring comes.

Today I’m going to buy a bag to take with me on the plane to Amsterdam, only 9 more days until I go.

I’m irritated today, woke up like that, everything sort of annoys me so I’m not very helpful.
Hopefully the funk will pass soon enough.

I was thinking yesterday that the forum has been on a really good mood lately, cool new people and a lot of positive vibes all around. Makes me proud to be a part of such a community.

Thank you for existing! I’ll go study now.


thank you @Minnii I really feel like you are one of the most significant people on this forum. Always positive feeling reading your posts. My only pain about Spring is that I have to be able to afford mowers to come do our lawns.


Thank you @jukebox :blush: That’s really sweet of you.

Good luck with the mowers!

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I second @jukebox - you are an asset to this community @Minnii. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! I feel so good right now, you guys are great!
Big hug to you both :heart: