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Its about my spouse. She seems to be controlling me and does not want to leave me. I am losing my mind and energy everytime she talks to me. Also i do not have anyone to talk to about this. If i talk to her about it she does not understand the way I would like to. She sometimes scolds me and says that’s the way she is. I have had enough of her. I want to file for divorce. But she and her family does not want to. Please tell me how i can overcome this debacle.


Divorce her if that’s what you really want


Sorry you’re going through that. Like the person above said if you want a divorce go for it

You don’t deserve that. The controlling you and stuff.

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Is this factual thinking or delusion?

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I really want to divorce. We seem to lost the connection.

Factual thinking.

I am sorry to hear that. :heart:

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Thanks. I will save some money and will apply.


There is a downside to this as well. In the past i have scolded and beat her. Now i am not doing that after we had our son. But she seems to take advantage of that and if i say i want to divorce she seems to say i always say that and i always fight and always do this that. Can i talk to counsellor about this?

@Oriongazer. This is not OK under any circumstances. I hope you do not go back to this type of behavior. :frowning:


I will never do that again. But is it justified that she starts to dominate me.

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