Sport school days

Did you do well at sports
I was always last on cross country running
I was always last picked for hockey team
I got a certificate for long jump
I used to like netball


I was in Little League one year. It was kind of neat.
In high school I went out for soccer but I wasn’t very good at it and the coach didn’t let me play in games much.

In my freshman year in P.E. I was usually picked last in football, baseball, basketball. But the coaches got to know me a little and by the time I was a senior they made me captain a few times.

But after school or on weekends or during summer vacation, me and my friends played a lot of sports. We played a lot of football and baseball with other guys from school and I was pretty good.

Always last picked. :frowning:

I played high school basketball team.Now I am 27,I love football(soccer) more than basketball

I was good at every sport but not great at any sport probably. Thinking back I had some great moments in every sport. But i was probably only “good” but i was athletic just didn’t focus on 1 sport so much besides baseball. okay maybe i was pretty good at baseball

When I was at high school and college, I was good at 800m run and high jump, but I was picked last in vollyball and basketball. I love sports though.

I’ve always been very bad at sports. I seem to remember doing alright at hockey, but I’m bad at all other sports.
I was alwayd picked last as well. I especially remember being picked last at school for gym class, and the team that had to have me made loud protests while the other team laughed at them.
I got so sad and hurt I just picked up my things and walked out the door. I didn’t care if I got an absent mark, I just wanted out.

That made me laugh a little in a good way

I tended to be the last picked for a team.

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