Spoke to a weirdo outside my house

They looked quite respectable, didn’t look mentally ill or look like they were doing drugs.

But they started making what I can only describe as pseudo psychic statements about me. All of which were wrong. Like saying "you were born in city X " etc.

The ironic thing is I used to do that when I was drinking and before I was diagnosed!

I just wished them well, and closed my door.

But part of me, is thinking “what if they come back and break in when I’m asleep” .

I’m a bit annoyed with myself for being ruffled by it.


Sorry that does sounds scary.

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your use of ironic is in the incorrect sense of coincidently

sorry i try to figure out the irony when someone says it

What weirdo @everhopeful?
I don’t understand?

Was he claiming to be a psychic?

Have you been unstable lately @everhopeful?

I’m not sure I see the problem. Are poor psychics known to be burglars?

I’m not seeing why because people are a bit strange you are assuming they are going to break into your house.

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Some stranger outside my house.

He just started talking to me. He wasn’t claiming to be a psychic but came off sounding like he was trying to be one to me.

Imagine someone started talking to you outside your house and said things like “you’re from the west coast aren’t you?”, and you reply “no” , to which they say “you were born in san Francisco weren’t you?”.

And so on.


Yeah I apologize, I misunderstood

Yeah this would scare me off as well


Is he hanging out outside or was he just passing by or what?

Yeah, he was just passing by. It’s just bad luck that I interacted with him.


Maybe just a mean spirited guy who likes to provoke people? Maybe he does this to others as well? Hard to tell cause we don’t know the tone he spoke in etc

There was a lady I met outside once that said “sorry for keeping you up at night”… it got me paranoid, wtf was she talking about.

Probably nothing man.


Yeah, I wouldnt worry about it. If he was hanging out outside or seemed to be casing the place, I could see the concern, but I dont think you need to be worried because you enountered someone a bit off.

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Yeah, it’s a similar thing.

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Sometimes it’s hard to understand people like that, especially if you’re prone to neurotic thinking. But I think if we remove the neuroticism we’ll see that the situation was completely harmless. You will forget about this soon!

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Yeah I would get real paranoid too but in reality he’s most likely harmless

I bet you that he has a mental illness


Yes, I agree @Wave

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thats pretty scary.

months ago employees at a gas station were glaring at me all the time.

once years ago at a bar i was drinkimg at a littrr of girls got out of a limo and kereokied my youtube playlist for the week.

that was the weirdest thing ever happened in 20 years.

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In Oakland strange behavior like this scared the crap out of me and was pretty common. You couldn’t walk from A to B without walking past a couple people who didn’t know where they were. Only one person ever threatened me directly but it’s understandable to be afraid of something you can’t predict.


When Iived in my old apartment some guy just sat on our porch talking on the phone. When we came back he was gone.

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Yeah, I live in an apartment building. A few weeks ago I left for work and some lady with a kid was wandering around back in the carport. I have no idea what she was doing there or why she would be back there. We also have our trash dumpster on the side or the apartment, it’s visible from the street but it’s way back in the rear off the street. Around where I live certain people just go back and rummage in our dumpster. They have permission from someone (I don’t know who) to do this and they don’t sneak around doing it, they do it openly.

I confronted the guy because I throw away social security documents and other important papers with my information in that dumpster and I don’t want them getting my social security number and other important information from my trash. But yeah, apparently, according to someone, they have a right to rifle through our trash. It’s weird.

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