Splitting a Geodon dose

Hello. I am new here, I found this for him because I was doing a search to find out how I could safely split my geoden dose. I was put on it for bipolar. I am only on 20 mg and I take it at noon. But by the morning I have terrible withdrawal. I’m wondering if I can split the dose in half and it would help or would it just make it worse. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

20 mg is the lowest dose you can take. Do you take it for mood or psychosis?

Geodon has a really short half life. For psychosis you really need to take it twice a day. I am not sure about taking it for your mood.

Perhaps someone else can make a recommendation but I would ask for 20 mg twice a day from your doctor. I wouldn’t try to split a 20 mg tablet

I take it for mood. I don’t want to take more because I’m actually trying to get off of it and having a really hard time. So even though it would be a pain to open the capsule and split the dose I would be wanting to do it that way. I just don’t know if taking half a dose is going to put me into with drawl. And then taking the other half later. I’m very sensitive.

I would consult your doctor.


Ask your doctor or pharmacist. They will tell you how to reduce your dose to go off it. Does your doctor know you’re trying to go off it?

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Yes. I am working with my doctor to slowly cut my dose. I have not spoken with him yet about splitting the dogs because of the withdrawal symptoms. This is not the only medication I am on. A former doctor put me on Saphris, which I am almost tapered off of. So it’s kind of hard to know where the with drawl is coming from.

I have to say I really appreciate the responsiveness in this forum. I was on another form and it was like a ghost town.

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I had to try splitting a Geodon capsule in an emergency before. It’s very messy and inaccurate, and I regret ever trying. If you’re experiencing withdrawal during a taper, doctors usually recommend bumping you up by one dose temporarily, then reducing again in a couple weeks. Call your doctor and see what he recommends.

Saphris turned me into a zombie

Yes I had the same issue, people told me I should’ve taken it all at night but the half life was so short I’d start getting withdrawal. Thus it is often prescribed split into taking one pill in the morning and one at night so you should be totally fine. However it is known to be very sedating, so please be really careful if you do start taking it in the morning. It was not safe for me to drive when I was on that med and I got in an accident while trying to do so.

OK I’m going to try splitting it and see if it works. Going to leave a message for the doctor first.

Yeah you just need some empty gel caps and split the little white balls into a half dose. You can get gel caps by emptying out suppliments or vitamins.

Well I have split the dose but it doesn’t seem to be Going that well. I may have split it too many hours apart to start because my body kind of freaked out. So now I’m starting to just split it by like four hours apart and see if I can slowly move them further. It’s so hard to know which changes are going to be good and which will be bad

What you are doing is very stupid. You are risking your health. Please call your doctor.

I did call my doctor. My doctor thought it was a good idea to try.

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Okay. My bad. It just seems very strange to me. Make sure you keep taking all your doses with the proper amount of food,

No problem. Even though Doc said ok, it does not seem to be a good change.
Causing its own withdrawal, so I am either going back to single or just
splitting SLIGHTLY.

Geodon comes in gelatin coated capsules. You should never attempt to split these capsules. You won’t get an accurate dosage.

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I was titrating the dose in water. By ML

You dissolved it in water? That would affect how it gets absorbed into your body.