Spiritualy Regaurding Pain

An Open Discussion Chapter For (((Spiritual))) Individuals ,

With Me , Someone Else On Thus Forum OR Yourself


For A Spiritual Individual ,

There Is A Bloodline Meta-Physical Attatchment With You ,

Your Pain ,

and The Crucifiction ,

Perhaps The Pain You Feel ,

Is You Walking Up To The Cross ,

Drinking His Blood ,

and Settling Tha Score With Murderers Of That T(Y)me Period ,


To Know That The Pain You Feel ,

Forever Will Take Away His Pain ,

Will Show You That The Pain You have ,

and The Pain He Felt / Now / OR / Then ,

Will Never Last Forever …

Some Of Us Schizo’s Are Life Healers (!!!)

Perhaps What We Go Throo ,

Is A Unique Spiritual Test and Each Day ,

Is A New Vivid Flame Sun Dawn Rising …

For Ourselves and Others ,

For Those In Tha Darkness Who Could Use A Helping Hand …

and DO NOT Hurt Yourself ,

Onli Natural Clean Heart Pain , In My Opinion , Is Tha Truth ,

Tha Truth Of Meta-Physical Blood Drinking ,

(((I Know There Some Goth Yo’s Out There))) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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