Spiritual. High on caffeine and schizophrenia

All going pear shaped


What’s up? How’s it going?


blood phobic, vegan

anti capitalist

intentionally more friendly not a “pompous - pr I sck” like my father

down to earte

nothing un needede
I don’t want everything i do say think speak feel idealise live for etc to be dripping with blood

thoughts and interactions like in good music all the time in publie
face has changed
inappropriate clothing around the house
more makeup
spoke to a nurse saie
no need to take more supplements
no need to stay on a starvation diet

might need to go back on my old meds

also the nurse will be talking to the psych
guruana (mainly high caffeine )e if i can mention it 3rd time i ever took it yesterday
red bull x 2 every day for 6 weeke

also i think i have a huge problem with Body Dsmorpheic Disordee
I’m 43 and staring menopause in the face

focused on myself 90% and the world 10%
i look like your average plump middle aged woman but that fact doesn’t make sense to me

Ah well
Feeling more normal
Veggies here I come
Fasting diet all over
Vegan sugar free to replace
Is that even possible?

Do I sell luxury things I bought
In order to stock up on vegan foods ?
Or just eat the sweet potatoes and commit to not wasting money

Sorry guys freedom is all anarchy and waste
I think I’m going all anti-West

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