Spirits mirrors and voices

So I wonder - if eyes are the window to the soul, could I see Alien and Sarah if I stare at myself in the mirror?

I tried staring at my eyes but I couldn’t see Alien at that time because he wasn’t taking me over at that moment but dormant. Don’t know about Sarah…she’s benign so maybe I can see her calm gentleness. Yes maybe I can…she has my eyes…hazel with grey green outer iris and a little orangey-brown in centre. When I smile I can see her but I can see me as well. Seeing in a spiritual sense not literally. Yes I can see her. But her face is spiritual. Calm. And Alien’s face is also spiritual. Distorted and ugly.

I think sz and sza people can be very spiritual :blush: I messaged my pdoc asking him if other people (particularly Muslims like me and him) have spirits in their heads. He said the voices are part of my illness and that I must accept I have an illness. I do but it’s so hard to understand I’m sza. Logically it makes sense but so do my beliefs. To me Alien and Sarah are as real as my body is.

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