On Saturday nights BBC 4 does a foreign series which is wonderful.

A great series is Spirals which starts its final season this Saturday. all the previous seasons are now available on iplayer.

It is a great French detective series and has been fantastic so far.

I watched The Bridge on BBC4s foreign boxset nights.

Any other fans of either? :slight_smile:


I really like that series. It’s fairly gritty and violent though. I have a couple of seasons on DVD.

In the U.S., Seasons 1 - 6 of Engrenage are included (free) if you have Amazon Prime.


Braquo is a good french cop show. It reminds me of the wire

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I see Braquo is on Amazon prime. Not heard off that one before. Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:


I watched the bridge season 1. I liked it, although it was a bit gory. Maybe I’ll watch the other seasons sometime. I think it might have been kind of a new leap for cinema to make one of the lead characters autistic in a police/detective series.

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The bridge is awesome, right to the last season. Engrossing to say the least. The english version I saw season 1 only. It was good too.

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