Spinning Loading Wheel

All day I’ve been trying to focus. On something, on anything. And all day all I can feel is a spinning loading wheel in my head. The cogs are moving, and moving, and moving, but I can’t make results out of it. It’s incredibly frustrating. Now I’m getting ready to go to bed and I feel like I did nothing today.

I think I understand where your coming from. For months I had trouble finding things to think about all day. But as my symptoms got out of my way and I started to live a little my cognition came back. Hope this passes quickly for you.

it is okay to do nothing, to stare out into space.
buddhist priests spend their whole life seeking ’ nothingness '…for it is the doorway to enlightenment.
don’t be so hard on yourself.
take care

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The wheel in my head spins so fast I can’t get the thoughts off of it… It’s like jars on a spinning spice rack… I see what I want pass me by and I can’t get the jar before it’s out of reach again.

Faster and faster the wheel spins and all my thoughts blur together to where I can’t even read the labels. Soon I’m shut down and stuck… I’m standing physically frozen as the next thought of what I need to do just spins by at high speed… then another and another…

The seroquel will slow down the wheel in my head… But sometimes I need a person to take me by the hand and help me slow the wheel. I hate that feeling and it makes me very upset. I usually want to cry out of shear frustration when it happens… I can’t even reach a simple conclusion due to the jumbling and spinning of the wheel in my head.

I’m soo sorry this is happening to you. It sure makes me frustrated and it shuts me down and kills my confidence.

I hope you feel better soon.

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