Spinal tap

I went to the ER yesterday for my droopy eyelid, they want to do a spinal tap next, said it’s some kind of ‘inflamatory’ condition. I looked that up, many virus and bacterial conditions fall into that category. :frowning:

to me then, I got Sz from some type of viral or bacterial infection of my brain then, as my psychotic symptoms began after I first had this eye problem (wasn’t as bad the first time)

I was greatly concerned yesterday as I see colors differently now. My right eye sees red, like the doctor had strawberry blonde red hair. but in my left eye, she had light brown hair. very weird, I’m quite concerned.

they suggested I return to the doctor today for these other tests.
I feel fine outside of my droopy eye and a ton of frustration.

here’s the photo of the paralysis in my eye, my left eye is wide open, my right is 1/2 shut and I see double, plus color red doesn’t work in my left eye.

it does seem better today, the double image I see isn’t so ‘wide apart’ as it was yesterday.

my cousin took me to the hospital, and when the doctor determined I wasn’t dying of a brain anyerism or something then we went out for dinner afterwards.

I told the neurologist in March that I thought my Sz was triggered by bike riding. If there’s somet type of central nervous system infection, then, that would hold true, i could see how this is triggered by bike riding. He’s a nice man, talked to him last night.

Well hopefully they will get to the bottom of it. Spinal taps arent fun, but sometimes are necessary for a more accurate picture. Wishing you well and much success with your health - Rob

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I see wikipedia has a dizzying amount of conditions related to viral or bacterial encephalitis or meningitis, and then there’s multiple sclerosis, all of which can create a psychosis.

and if you have a psychosis, it gets coded as Sz. But Sz is not the same as an organic disease with a psychosis.

I’m not looking forward to the spinal tap, i was trying to avoid it, but now it seems necessary.

You will be fine - Yeah it could be a number of things, It is good that you are doing something about it and not ignoring your health.

Good luck! Hope you find some answers.

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I hope your doctors get all of this sorted out soon and get you on the mend:)

thank you so much :slight_smile:
this is so frustrating, I cannot see :frowning:

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sorry to hear about the problems you are going through with your eye…scarey to say the least…hope they get to the bottom this soon…sending hugs and get well wished…

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