Spiders nest renovation and decoration

I want to start this thread for myself as I decorate my house.

Last night I started stripping the wall paper in my living room as I hate chip board wallpaper and apparently can’t help myself.

I’m gonna pick up some paint this weekend and poly filler, etc all that good painting stuff.


Gonna pick up a wall paper steamer too. As I have several cuts under my nails where a piece of wood chip has gone under my nail :tired_face:


Wallpaper steamers help so much. When I was renovating my aunt’s house with her, the steamer made all the difference in the world.

And use a scraper, not your nails.

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I’m Not Sure What a Scraper is Exactly.

Back in The Day We Would Use, The Same Mud Tools Used For Sheetrock.

Unless That’s The Same Thing?.

The Blade Used to Tape Walls (???).

If You Don’t Have One of Those @spiderpig, Pick One Up For Your Local Hardwood Store.

They Can’t Be Outrageously Expensive.

Jus Ask For Mud Tools Used For Sheetrock. A Blade to Tape Walls.

They’ll Know Whatcha Be Talkin Bout… . … :100: :money_mouth_face: :100:

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Oh Jus Re-read Thus.

Nevermind About The Blade, i Don’t Exactly Know What Chip Board Wallpaper Even is.

I’m Thinking My Suggestion Won’t Be of Any Real Service… . … :100:

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@ATARI you are exactly correct. It is the same as the mud tool. Theyre only like $3 here. The metal one, not plastic.

I Concur @spiderpig!.

Thanx @ninjastar, I Was Confused For a Second There… . … :100:


I’ve actually been using bbq tools :joy::joy: (not used on a bbq) but honestly has been working well. But I can’t help but pick at the smaller bits. Maybe I will get a scraper !


This is chipboard. It’s the bane of my life


A scraper tool costs like $3

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Bonus pic of spiderpiglet


I’ve got some now as I need to fill some holes where wall plugs have been, only got one more wall to do and above the picture rails!


Wow he is getting big!



Nice cat…:flushed: Im mottec

Artwork ideas. Gonna ask my dad to do some inspired by this but originals as he’s an artist. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bought the lampshade. And buying the coffee table next month :slight_smile: after two years of not having one!

Progress :partying_face: and true crime on the tele

im thinking of painting the interior of my parents house at the mo, but i cant get paint as the hardwares are closed due to lockdown, @spiderpig…how did you namage to get paint and brushes…im assuming youre british, are there stores still open? where did you get your paint