Spider season is coming soon

They will all crawl in from the outside and there will be big ones.


And I don’t know where you are, but we get stink bugs that come in the house during autumn and spring. I hate stink bugs! I flush 'em.


Fun fact: September and October are tarantula mating season in northern California. :spider: :spider: :two_hearts:


its weird when i hallucinate spiders when waking up it doesnt even bother me but if i see a spider in the house even a small one it almost sends me into a full panic attack


Tried cleaning up our garage and a big one popped out from under a box. Decided I cleaned enough for that day.


My cat Oppenheimer is pretty good at catching bugs so I don’t worry too much about spiders.

My parents cat will eat a bug in 1 swat and 1 big gulp and the bug will be gone. My cat tortures them for a half an hour before finally killing it and then he probably eats it…

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