Spider died

my spider died Thursday.

i was sweeping my bedroom and i accidentally rattled her habitat with the broom, as there was dust nearby. afterwards, i saw her on the floor with all her legs up and bending inward. at first, i thought she was dead. but i’ve not really seen a dead spider for a long time, so i thought she was sleeping on her back, like what i do sometimes. perhaps she was even pretending to be dead, so that i can release her.

but then she wasn’t moving for a long long time.

so i slowly opened the habitat, thinking that she was going to bolt out. nothing happened. i nudged it a bit. nothing happened.

i wanted to respectfully slide her body to a corner of my room. but i’m pretty sure that would attract spiders that would eat her. so i very carefully released her body outside onto the earth.

i wanted to release her, before she died; but i never got around to it. I didn’t know how to release her without risking her premature escape


Sorry about the loss of your spider,
Most of been a really cool pet for the time you had her.

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well she kept me company when i slept at least, seeing that i sleep on the floor and i had trapped her on the ground nearby with a clear bowl. i think she was malnourished, as i was too scared to feed her. and so she was very meek, contributing to her death

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get a cat.

Cats are lo maintenance but love like no other business. Insects aren’t pets that give back to you.

A friend in the struggle,


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