Spent the day in ER for my husband

Sorry this got long…no worries if you don’t read it…

Well. I mentioned yesterday on the Say Anything thread that my husband’s chronic illness that’s been haunting us for a year with no real explanation started rearing its ugly head again.

Today his dizziness was still awful, but he had also developed severe pain on his front left side.

A head CT and abdominal CT later…he has a 5mm kidney stone that will apparently hurt like a b1tch to pass. It’s already started but has a ways to go.

They think he will be able to pass it without surgery, but if not, he will need to have a lithotripsy. We hope not, obviously. Because of his genetic disease, he’s at a significant risk of throwing a clot during surgery, and they will not do anything unless the risk of not doing the procedure outweighs his risk of not making it through. Very nervewracking.

So I’ve been stressed. That’s why I was “off” yesterday too.

I’ve been riding a roller coaster of symptom blow ups followed by periods of easing. An army of specialists has not found anything that can explain what’s going on. We know he has severe polycystic kidney disease that’s spread to his liver. We know he has aneurysms almost big enough to require surgery in three places in his aorta.

But sh1t still keeps happening that no one can agree on. We either get referred to yet another specialist, or brushed off when they can’t explain it. He’s pretty much either been, or about to go to, every specialty there is, with the exception of gynecology! Even peds, as the geneticists who specialize in homocystinuria operate out of pediatrics.

Anyway. Lots of stress. Thank goodness my Risperidone is working better than the other six APs I’ve been on…and thank goodness it just got increased yesterday. I am not psychotic or manic. Surprisingly levelheaded in survival mode.

I never know when I’ll be widowed. That’s a lot to handle. I do sometimes more than others. They were talking about admitting him when they were ruling out blood clots and stroke, but now that we’re home, I’m not scared anymore.

It never ends…he’s outlived his life expectancy for his diseases, so we never know what’s next…


I really hope you and he get answers soon. And that they find reasonable ways to treat him.

I’m really impressed with how sound of mind you seem. I just want to say if you need to break down a little and vent, feel free to PM me.

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I thought they could use laser surgery to eradicate the stone. It is minimally invasive. At the very least he needs answers from specialist. They should be helping not hindering. I hope he can pass it very soon. Hugs to you both. :heart:


Wishing the best for both of you.

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Thank you so much!

I didn’t know it was laser surgery, that’s reassuring.

And yes, I do sound clearheaded today. That happens to me…I can get paranoid for two days when someone knocks on a neighbor’s door three houses down, but put me in a crisis like this, and I go into lioness survival mode. I dunno…

thanks for the support!


That’s a lot to deal with. I hope you are able to stay calm, and best wishes to your husband.

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Good wishes to you both.:pray:t4:

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Yeah my sil had a large kidney stone eradicated. It was not terrible. It was a same day thing and minimally invasive. Hope it works out for him. I’m thinking of you two. :heart:

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