Spent most of the day with the animals

i tried to avoid people today and i got a new app on my phone that i scheduled feedings, mistings and other chores. it helped a lot today.i’m a little worried though everyone wants me to go to group but at the same time no one is going to care for the animals while i’m gone. i can clean the apartment after group but the animals need mistings, cleanings and feedings in early and mid morning. the only person willing to try is my partner but she plans on going to school in june to get her RN degree.

my frog was out earlier today she only gets fed tuedays, thursdays and saturdays.juvenile pacman frogs are suppose to eat at least twice a week. kaisei and leo are both active in their tanks, they didn’t get bugs today which upset my mother in law but they got calcium dust with their greens. they loved chopped snow peas. i want to get bell peppers for them but kaisei will only eat the yellow, orange and red ones


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