Spending excessive money

I spend over 3k on rubbish and have nothing to show for it. Mainly on booze. Need to ask court appointed person who manages my finances for more money to cover my debts but worried about it. I’m rubbish with money. Are you the same?

How do you manage to spend £3k on booze?

I haven’t got a clue. I have nothing to show for it. I was avenging £70/£80 a day on buying alcohol, takeaways and cigars and cigs for myself and friends, who exploit me. Thats why I have a court appointed appointee as deemed to lack capacity. I personal think I have capacity but hang around with this group of people because I’m lonely.

It’s easy. I’m an alcoholic and used to really burn up my money with booze.


I opted to be alone than have friends like that.


I did the same, I dont hangout with anyone irl. Its better than hanging out with drug addicts, trouble makers and people who use prostitutes. Bad influence.


I have problems with spending money like buying 200$ Nike shoes while only going out of the house to see my psychiatrist. I guess I want to impress my psychiatrist lol I think its the negative symptoms avolition and anhedonia. I get bored so I start shopping unnecessarily.

I bought tons of video games that I just play once then stop, no more motivation. I wasn’t overspending before sz as my life was busy, working full time, university, hanging out with gf and friends etc


This made me laugh bro. Lool. I can relate though! It’s a difficult one. But you will get there!

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are you bipolar?

I’m on benefits. Not doing too bad with it.

the 3k isn’t what I’ve earn’t, this is what my appointee put into my account in December. I get less than this. I do have a lot saved though.

I’m starting the journey of not drinking again. I managed 7 weeks without alcohol in November - mid December. It wasn’t really hard not to drink, no cravings but the boredom creeped in and I fancied a drink so stupidly brought a bottle of Bourbon whiskey and this led to a near 3 week binge, partying everyday with friends. Thankfully my mental health is strong as I had increase of Invega in last September when I got sectioned for the 13th time. So no obsessional thoughts or voices or delusions.

As of the 4th not drinking anymore. I know 4 days late after New Years but I’m going to make it work.

I’m similar. I spend too much money on junk food.
I’m going into my savings that I need for treatment for a health condition.

I hope it will all go OK still.

Will eat junk in moderate amounts from tomorrow, after my strict temporary diet finishes, I mean.


3k is quite a lot for benefits! You are a lucky dude.
in canada its pretty much a joke. id get like 600 bucks a month if im on pensionplan disability.
Canada the place where we have free healthcare!! but if you have anything wrong with your brain mentally your out of luck :smile:

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U.K. benefits are very generous if you have a disability. We get free healthcare here too and this is generally good healthcare, I’ve never had a problem with it. No costs towards Invega injection, everything is free.

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I read horror studies on facebook about people getting sectioned for months at a time. That sounds dreadful.

I’m tellin ya mane, Saucony is the shoe. About 43 dolla. :wink:


I’m eyeing up some Rockport Walkers on Amazon. $80.99. Hmmmmmm.

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Oooooo nice! Rockport is good quality. :+1:

Check out “Saucony Jazz Original” too. It’s technically a running shoe, but I walk all over town in mine. Super comfy! :slight_smile:

what we really want to know is how much were your pumps :crazy_face:

Ah, they were cheap. Only cost me my dignity.


Promise me you’ll get better.