Speech problems

I am waiting to be seen by doc. I am speech issues. Keep not getting words out. Fatigue.


That sounds scary. Please keep us updated


What happened at the dr?

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Doc ordered blood labs. I go do in the am. They said if I had any problems to go to er. I’m debating on it. A bit scared.

I’m just going to go to the hospital. I feel like something is not right.

oh no…hope you figure out what’s wrong…good for you for going to the doctor.

The doctor said it’s side effects of my meds. I also missed a few doses and memory issues.


Im on limotrigine for my bipolar and stuttering is one of its side effects. I have trouble getting certain words out that start with, l, m, and d. Its weird but i stuttered as a child so im sort of used to it. It makes things difficult because many times im trying to get a word out and people are just sitting there staring at me as i try to force myself to say a word. Very embarrassing. I hope its not servere to where you cant get anything out.

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Had that back when I was on welbutrin. It us hard when you know what you want to say but can not speak it out

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I had problems moving and talking when I wasn’t on medication at times but that was years ago anyway u hope you get to the bottom of it