Specializing skills and try to make a living

I have good selling skills,I talk well when,selling fitness equitment as compare to selling electrical equitment like when I worked for my family.

I would like to stick to my long term goal,so I will need to continue working in health and fitness industry,playing some football regularly because as a crossfitter/fitness enthusiasts,I will be better off having a sports to enjoy and get my mind off negative thoughts which people with mental illnesses faces.

I am grateful that my family doesn’t have financial trouble and we also help out each other financially,just that it’s been a rough moment for my family which I don’t wish to talk about it…Anyway,what kind of skills do you have,or what degree did you take in university?

Have a good day guys!

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Dude your English is Grrrrrrrreeeeaaaatttt!!!

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Thanks for that.English isn’t my first language

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im here for two days and this is second time im witnessing your… blah thought is gone…

I’m good with a shovel and rake. Goes well with psychosis.

Any physical work really helps me. It’s when I have to talk to the general public that I’m in trouble.

I am trying to learn about trading stocks to bring in income for myself. Right now, I am building up cash.