Special Books by Special Kids

Has anyone ever heard of this youtube channel? It is my favorite YouTube channel, and I just think the mission is so amazing.

If I’m not allowed to share this here please delete, but I stumbled on it a week ago and what he does is incredible. Using social media to spread awareness in a positive way, completely devoid of exploitation unlike a certain a-hole “doctor” that I wont mention.

It shows that people with conditions are normal and want love and friendship.

They have a few good ones on sz/sza.


I watched all of these during a very bleak time in my life when I couldn’t get out of bed and felt like my life wasn’t worth living. They took me out of my own space and made me feel connected to all these other wonderful people who struggled with all kinds of conditions. It made me feel hopeful.

Thanks for posting about this. I had totally forgotten about these.


I love this channel, I love the mission. It makes me feel like living on this planet isn’t so bad, that even with all of our struggles, we can make our ways together, that the human race is worth loving.


I’d heard of this channel but never looked into it much until tonight. I now have something to binge watch until I fall asleep, thank you!

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That’s kind of how I found them. I’ve been binging them all week.


You’re welcome! I hope you get a good night’s rest!

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I ised to like this channel.

It also made me sad watching it though !!

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