Speaking of Medicare... is ssdi worth it?

I make under $800 a month working part time. I get Medicaid for like $10 a month. It so far covers pretty much everything medically necessary. It covers some dental and vision too. I’m applying for ssdi and have my hearing coming up in April. I’ll be getting like $650 a month last time I checked. But i wont qualify for Medicaid anymore unless I reduce my hours and make less than the cut off for Medicaid all together. J didnt know you had to pay for Medicare and j read theres a 2 year gap between getting benefits and qualifying for Medicare. Js this true and how could I afford that…? My mom said with recertification you need tk be seeing a dr. I would lose my medicine and my doctors.

I guess I could switch my doctors to a local uninsured place and pay little copays.

I collect SSDI and I work part time. I also have Medicare and Medicaid.
I get about $900.00 a month from SSDI and I clear about $800.00 a month from my job. It’s been the same for years and 6 years ago I was told by the Social Security Admin that I would get this for the rest of my life.


Why wouldn’t you qualify for Medicaid? That’s what I had until my medicare kicked in.

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Might as well try. SSDI typically you’ll be able to get more than with SSI.

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Hmm maybe ssdi doesnt count towards your income for Medicaid? I was reading differently online but maybe it was wrong

It counts toward your income, but if you’re only making $1000/month you probably qualify.

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Whew maybe I’ll be ok!

It’s not worth it, you’ll end up with a share of cost that will end up costing you money. If it was SSI you would get your Medicaid for free with no share of cost.

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I dont get medicaid. I get medicare but I have extra help paying for it. You will qualify for that if your disability is approved even if you work part time. They can back date your disability if approved. If they think your disability started two years or more before your approval date you get back pay and your medicare coverage would start right away.

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