Speaking of anger and anxiety

Lots of members here have anxiety and anger issues. I am currently free of these sufferings. But I remember when I was on invega last year I experienced anxiety and irritation myself. I was so sensitive to noise my tenant made in the house that I couldn’t help fighting with her. Also even when I had nothing to complain about, I still felt irritated, anxious or even angered, as if there were a few rabbits jumping in my head and I could not be tranquil…

Then last July my pdoc made a med switch for me. I was put on Amisulpride rather than invega. Soon after this switch, those anxiety, irritation and anger all disappeared. Now I can bear more noise and rows, and I can sit still reading or writing.

I am sure the anxiety, irritation and anger I previously had was resulted from invega.


The last apartment I lived in, every other tennant was a smoker and they would all chat out in front of their door (a few feet from my window) and smoke for hours. This filled my apartment up with smoke and made me gag. Since I grew up to hate the smell of smoke (plus I’m not a smoker), I got REALLY pissed off at them. I contemplated spraying them all with the fire extinguisher that hung outside, luckily I didn’t though. Now the city I’m in, it’s actually illegal to smoke in the public common areas of residential buildings. So I haven’t smelled any smoke since I moved.

Only now, the neighbor kids use my wall/window as a soccer goal and I hear a constant “Thud!” Or “Smack!” all day. I tried asking them to stop nicely a few times, they didn’t stop. Finally I waited for the “Thud!” And slammed my window open and roared “KNOCK IT OFF!” They looked at me, eyes wide open, and squeeked “…sorry”. I was trembling with anger after that. Unfortunately that didn’t work, so next step is to bring it to the condo association’s attention.

The distractions just make it hard to manage the anxiety. I can’t calm down and try to focus with smoke making me cough or the “THUD!” startling me. One of the reasons I’m so quick to anger.

I think some of my neighbors are using me. But they say people only use you if you let them.

My anger and anxiety comes from things in the past, as well as things that are going on now.

My old friends used me, but I let them because it was the christian thing to do. I figured the more hope and positivity I gave them the better everyone would be. But I was met with hate and condescending insults from all of them.
I think i had a very bad hand dealt in that instance, but people seem to respond better to a balance of reinforcement and resistance

The only way is to be mean back. People don’t respect weakness.They push and push and basically use you for their own ends. I get tired of people getting what they want by being mean.They know what they are doing. I have been up all night walking around and driving my car. I do it all the time.I see how people are.


“They know what they are doing” that’s sad

My bus driver started gossiping about me to an old lady. He told her I cross the street to the mental health clinic across the road then said “future bridge jumper”. :angry:

Old lady- Laughs

Women don’t respect men.

Do you mean your neighbor got some help from you without paying you respect? If so, don’t try to change your neighbor’s attitude because it’s in vain. What you can do is to avoid mingling with them except for a nod at the lift. I don’t think they will knock your door frequently and bother you. If they did, you can dismiss their request for help by saying you are busy.

It depends on the women and the men.