Speaking is extremely exhaustive - anyone else?

Whether it’s my internal dialogue or I’m speaking to someone, it’s extremely exhaustive. It’s like I can’t breathe when I speak, like I’ve run a mile and then stop and try to speak to someone. I am not sure if it’s under some form of thought disorder or what it is. Really bizarre.
Anyone else have this issue?


Yes, I lose track of conversation and I also get bored easily. I have trouble accessing thoughts, my mind goes blank in conversation so I feel like I don’t contribute much.

I’m ok with small talk because I know it means nothing and it’s not going to last for long. But longer periods of conversation wear me out.

At work I’m ok with asking people how they are going and what they did on the weekend, but I have lunch for half an hour with friends each day and it wears me out.

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I have those issues too but I am thinking of exhaustive like you can’t breathe, you’re so insanely fatigued. Every movement of your mouth is like you haven’t slept in 3 days and you’re trying to run a marathon or something.

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I get a little of that, probably not as bad as you are describing though.

Unfortunately I have to talk a lot to clients in my job.

for me, its quite bad too @NoEmotions wow… me too I have the impression that I cant breathe. me too I dont know from where it comes. maybe we think too much inside of our heads plus the paranoia and the anxiety… even my voice gets strange sometimes- one pdoc put the accent on my voice once when I was at the hospital. he told me that with my voice I am surely ‘‘crazy’’ wow :/…
can this can get better people? I guess the isolation doesn’t help this much

If you mean monotone voice, or like with autism your voice is stuck in a specific high pitched tone, I get that too. Racing thoughts, extreme fatigue and a monotone voice (or stuck in a specific high pitched tone) all occurs together. I think it’s some serotonin receptor that causes it. I know the 5HT2A receptor is responsible for many of these symptoms both in schizophrenia and autism but I am not sure about the “verbal fatigue”.

my voice was too low I think… otherwise, my anger also is an obstacle for me to talk but I guess you are different. and sometimes, its just that I am too introverted and closed in my head to talk… too many intrusive thoughts and paranoia.

Sounds like you might have an issue with some serotonin receptors like myself. The 5HT2A receptor (a target of atypical antipsychotics) causes irritability, ocd, racing or obsessive thoughts, moodiness, stereotypical behavior or constricted behavior and affect, extreme fatigue, and more.

Have you tried taking tryptophan or any serotonin-increasing chemical like an SSRI before? If so, how did you feel?

the ads make my paranoia worse in fact…

By ads do you mean antidepressants?

yes, I mean antidepressants. but I am strange. ive started Seroquel 4 days ago and today my paranoia was even worse. I would like not to feel crazy, its my illness who makes me feel that everybody around me on the streets can see that I am ill…do you think it can diminish with time? its tough cause I live isolated since 17 years already…

Seroquel is a terrible antipsychotic based upon its pharmacology, it’s an nmda antagonist which can result in supersensitivity of dopamine D2 and serotonin 5HT2A receptors and thus a worsening of psychosis, and it also has anticholinergic properties, though I don’t know if it’s clinically significant.

Have you tried risperidone and if so, how did you respond to it in terms of paranoia and fatigue, etc?