✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


Last night I made two meals from scratch and refrigerated them.
I might make more food mid week but it is nice to have food we like in the fridge.


Just finished cleaning, folding laundry, the dishes and the sink.
Then I took a shower.

Now I am having caramel tea


I took two walks today :slight_smile:


Resumed dieting. Resumed day treatment classes. Might’ve made another potential friend! Said she’ll contact me to show me her fanfic at day treatment. In day treatment today we talked about the road of life and how there are roads out of our current outlook. I think I am on a detour to better myself. Maybe it will lead to a completely different life. Lesson of the day: don’t be afraid to change your path or take a detour if things aren’t working out.


Tonight I actually shaved with a razor, for the first time in months. For months now all I have been doing is buzzing the hair off my face with my clippers every so often, get it down to short stubble, but tonight after doing that I actually shaved. I also showered for the first time in a few days.


I actually had a great conversation with my neighbor.

Usually I ruin it was my awkwardness, but this made my day.


Spent some time talking to my family about some stuff regarding my alcoholism. Everybody agrees I’m better off Drunk and quiet than sober and arguing with myself all the damn time. Even the Voices are being Quiet in anticipation of a drink after a year in Hell-Briety


Our dishwasher’s inoperable atm because its pipes are frozen so I washed a bunch of dishes by hand.


Chatted with an old friend of mine, she and I have plans to hang out here in a couple weeks! Looking forward to that.


Sorry @FaveDaveSchiz - but out of concern for you I just want to say I find this statement very troubling.

Do you have a doctor/therapist that you can discuss this with?

Dual Diagnosis - yeah, it’s a thing.


It’s just a joke. I’ve learned how to survive with the illnesses for so long by making fun of them. Sorry my humor is a bit tetched.
I stopped engaging in so self gibberish and learned how to let the voices work things out on their own. I learned how to play internal counselor with them and am Making Them engage in their own conversations, regardless of how sick they were.
I’m feeling rather well today. 90% of my activity has ceased for the most part, and I haven’t even had a drink yet.


OK - cool - take care @FaveDaveSchiz!


You as well. Hope you are doing good today.
Live Long And Prosper.


Thank you, @FaveDaveSchiz :slight_smile:


My victories for today are that I held up well at the doctor’s office and am doing good meeting my calorie goal. Didn’t do much except watch Beauty and the Beast. Making baked cod and broccoli tonight for dinner.


I went into three separate stores. :slight_smile:


Into day 3 without any alcohol. Feeling good!


I win vs terran with Protoss and with Terran


I went over on my diet today but I am sick and quite tired. Yet I still managed to go to day treatment and am now waiting to go to my afternoon mental health class. My big hurdle next week comes when my intensive 2 week substitute teaching certification comes up. :scream: I am already day dreaming about passing the class and telling everyone about it both online and in real life. Haha big pressure.


I had a laugh playing Maui in a video game. I kept telling people “Your Welcome!”