✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


I’m drinking coffee again; third time today.


Today I went out for the day doing Christmas shopping. It was very busy but I did well, no panic attacks and I didn’t yell at anyone.

I found out I had less money then I thought I did, but I’m not going to worry, just gunna be a low key Christmas.

Tonight my boyfriend wants me to go out with him to the pub with his family, but I’m already feeling really anxious about it, I had a really long day and don’t like people, loud noise, drinking, or going out in general.

I’m all out of spoons, dunno if I should go and risk having a panic attack in the bathroom. I’m going to try and calm myself down though, we wouldn’t be going for another 3 hours.


I took that literally at first :blush: I was already beginning to judge you for being too scatter-brained and losing spoons :flushed:


I think the spoon theory might be relevant for some people in our situation. (If anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about)


Look what I found on urban dictionary:


Went on a morning walk in countryside with my Mum sister and the doggy.


Hey qwerty have u had ur lunch… i am ready to cook my dinner…


Wrapped gifts and did two loads of laundry yesterday. Also made mix (white chocolate, crispix, cherrieos, pretzels, m & m’s and peanuts)


My friend slept over last night and can’t cook. I made her dinner and breakfast and drove her home. Adulting! I don’t wanna go home and see my parent’s angry faces so I think I’ll shop some last minute Christmas gift for my mom. Idk…


you can get her a gift card from a beauty store.
Anyway, hope you have a nice time with your family. Everyone fights all the time.


I was thinking of looking at clothes since she never dresses nice but complains when people bring it up. Dad got her something from the beauty store already. Yeah, I will try to make the day good. Maybe make a brunch casserole or something if I don’t go out. Doing all the driving is giving me a surge of confidence that I can make it on my own once the substitute teaching comes through. But I am feeling like a looser right now and have no confidence to get out of the car and go shop!


did you manage to go out?

I love shopping!


I went shopping with my parents. The stores were crazy busy but I survived. :stuck_out_tongue:


I ate christmas dinner without overeating too much :smiley:


that’s a great achievement! hope it was delicious at least :slight_smile:


I made a hair cut appointment for this coming week. Hasn’t been cut in about 2 years. Its grown down past my belly button. Not sure how much to chop off. I would like to keep it sort of long for my wedding.


Hi yes I finally got my butt to the mall. Can’t find a gift but I said ■■■■ it. Put my hair in a ponytail which I usually do only during exams. Walk with confidence like no ones got anything on me. I’m actually feeling the positivity. Bought a small tea which kicked in and I’m feeling much more like myself. Sometimes you need extra confidence to make up for low confidence.


I took a bath, washed my face, brushed my hair, and brushed my teeth. Now I’m sipping ice water.


I showered! And even socialized!


I spent some time chatting with a friend, and I even cleaned a little in my apartment.