✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


I got up early today and came to day treatment despite my problems. I want to be strong. I’m not going to let relationship issues take over my life. My parents call me a baby because I say too much that’s on my mind, even if it should be kept to myself. I will work on it. I have a long day ahead with day treatment in the morning and a mental health class in the afternoon.


I opened my math book and did some review. For like 20 minutes, but eh…it’s a start?


I did the laundry today and made a mashed potato, cheese, and hot dog meal with honey mustard sauce. It was good.


Yum :yum: i am hungry!!!


I suffer from this too, especially when my symptoms act up. On Geodon i am in better control.


I did a load of laundry and made important phone calls.


I brushed my teeth, showered and drove to work. So far I’ve made it through two hours of my shift. :slight_smile:


I did a load of laundry, wrapped presents, and went to the grocery store to buy my daughter flowers for an art project. And… I am about to take a BATH! Then, I will be all ready to go for tomorrow!


Just got over a tough situation super stressed now I feel better.


Got my final grades: 3.93 for the semester!


Happy to be moderated by such an eminent lady :woman_student:


I got to the trainstation in good time! :smiley:
This will be the first time in two years that I get to see my mum, I’m so excited!


waw!!! Let us know how it goes!!!


I got up and got work done. It is an accomplishment with this back pain.
Later I will take a hot shower and more medication.

I have been very productive lately!


Way to go! :slight_smile:

I’ve finally caught up with the dishes. Also went for a short walk.


Did some Christmas shopping with my Dad. Whether my SO knows it or not he bought me a cellphone for the holiday, LOL!


I fried a piece of fish and ate some of it.


I’ve been eating regularly and I stopped purging altogether :smiley: Now I have to find a new way to deal with my emotions and stress.


danced a lot this evening


I washed my hair, blow dried it and straightened it

Went to the store to get last minute gifts

Got the mail

Donated on my friends account who has cancer