✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


Today I made 2 types of Fudge - Opera and Penache. Also 1 dozen sugar cookies as a test run before doing a big batch.


Today I woke up early then went back to bed for a nap for four hours… usually I would feel guilty and depressed and want to stay in bed.

But I am trying something new. Instead I am not upset, I’m grateful I don’t have a job so I can be well rested! It’s okay if I slept in, the day isn’t over yet! I had a headache and my nap cured it so I was just taking care of myself and having a break.

So now I’m going to get up and make coffee and food! And act like it’s 9 in the morning, not 2 in the afternoon :yum:


I went to therapy,

I made another batch of caramels,

Made and sent all our last minute Christmas cards,

And I’m about to wrap the rest of the gifts.


I finally got up around 12:15 after having no energy to pull myself up due to relationship issues. Felt good since I had a busy day every day since I got home from China a month ago. I got on the bus. Headed out for another excursion in the city to release feelings.


I woke up earlier than noon.

Then I walked to the bookstore and McDonalds.


Started a new book. Memory man by David Baldacci. Got about an hour in, six chapters or so.


I filled out some annoying paperwork for my landlord.


Today was good! I brushed my hair, did the dishes, dusted, and burned some insense & candles while I listened to music. Now my bf is home from work and I’m making dinner!

May be small but I haven’t been able to do stuff like this in months! And now I did a lot in just a few hours. Feels good :blush:


Oh I am sorry to hear that @tukey. If you need to vent, I’ll lend you my listening ear. Even though I’m a guy and you might be more comfortable discussing it with girls…


My little victory has been waking up at 7 am every day (after gettin in 8 hours of sleep) for the past 2 weeks. I now wake up earlier than dad, who has teased me all my life for being a late sleeper. Hah. Now I can tease him back :smiling_imp:


Today, I am the #1 slacker. It is raining and cold. I am sleeping in, playing on my phone, cuddled up with softest, warmest blanket known to exist on the planet.


No way, you stole MY blanket macy??

Kidding, but I also have a favorite blanket that has kept me warm for many years.



I think everyone wants to flee walmart, especially at holidays. Please dont feel lonely on that one!!! Lol. Your in good company here.lol


dieting!!! Arrrgg!

Thats what i been up to also. Started at 130 around first week of Nov.

Mostly eating salad and chicken.

Curruntly down to 112. I want my pizza back! Lol.

Have you some of the “salad kits” as they are called in the produce section yet? They come with dressing packets and toppings like pecans or dried cranberries. Most of them are really good. Here, they are only about $3. They really help to keep on track.


yes! I knew i was not the only one! Call me Linus. I dont care. I do have a favorite old blanket too. Lol


So far today I’ve been to see my GP. Did some grocery shopping for the week. Cleaned the litter box.

My mom is coming in about an hour to help roll out dough for cutting cookies. So next I need to do dishes and clean the counter off.

Also my penuche fudge turned to sand, lol. It was not fudgey at all. Going to repurpose it onto apple pie and maybe some of the sugar cookies.


I so need to clean my house tomorrow and I love burning insense.


I cleaned the kitchen and went for a run.:slight_smile:


Went on a long walk with the group I got out with on Tuesdays. So got in some good exercises snd socialising. Then stopped for coffee and listened to some Christmas carols sung by a choir.


I found the forum. Yay, me. :slightly_smiling_face: