✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


Changed my pants, keeping teeth clean as I can, went to the park with niece a few hours ago.


I walked into a restaurant earlier today to ask if I could use their restroom. On my way there a woman looked at me and saw something about me, and she must have guessed I had problems and she looked at me condescendingly and laughed.

It irked me and when I passed her table on the way out, I looked at her and said, “You’re not good-looking enough to do that, honey.”

Now, unfortunately I couldn’t see her reaction but I learned that I can make cutting remarks in a pinch sometimes. It might come in handy in the future. So I didn’t see the effect it had on her but so what?
Whatever her reaction, so what? I did it. And that’s important.


Finally got a CT scan of my brain. Went through a mini-hell waiting in the waiting room with some people and having my constant headache / hallucinating / intrusive thoughts, but glad it’s over.

Might get a CT scan with contrast dye injected next time, since doctors usually ask for the two together. Can’t wait until the clot is removed, or aneurysm fixed.


Today I drove on the freeway by myself for the first time. It was quite a long trip back and forth too. Went to watch Star Wars the Last Jedi. Picking up meds. Was back and forth talking to at least 4 people on the phone who were friends plus coming to this website to cry my eyes out. I don’t trust myself with being alone right now, so I will have a busy night going out exercising, drinking lots of juice, maybe planning out how substitute teaching certificate fits into my schedule. Then tomorrow I hope to be back on track with life. Already lost 1-2 pounds, 12 more to go!


Ok, so I didn’t do much the first four or five hours I was up, but in the past hour I’ve accomplished a few things:

  1. Brushed my teeth. I may or may not shower tonight, but at least my teeth have been brushed.
  2. Went grocery shopping. I stuck entirely to my list, and kept my total under $30 :slightly_smiling_face:. I forgot how much more peaceful grocery stores are later at night. I also forgot how crappy this store’s produce is; I got some rather sad-looking habaneros (I like my spaghetti sauce to have a kick :yum: )
  3. I stopped at a gas station for cigarettes (sigh) and gas.

Both of the pans I need to make my spaghetti sauce are dirty, but I don’t need to start it right away, will be up all night. I started a sinkful of dishes soaking; once those are clean, I will soak the saucepan.

I’m feeling pretty good about having accomplished something. :slightly_smiling_face:


I took a bath today. Not much, but something I needed.


Beautiful poem, @crimby!


I woke up early and made it to therapy early this is weird. But at least I’m not late!


Whole world toppled down


I’m eating a lot lately—is that a victory? :neutral_face:


Very encouraging thread.


@Stellaglow try eating healthy!!!

I just finished major cleaning. Two loads of laundry.

Friday I change sheets.

Now I am eating a small salad. My back is hurting even more, I think I will have to skip going out today.

I just booked an appointment to do our nails on Thursday eve with my friend. Little spa session so that will be nice.


Got some decent sleep and a shower.

Did my grocery shopping for the week and managed to pick up the very last Christmas present that I had been searching for and didn’t think I would find.


I made a pizza and my family liked it.


I’m so sorry to hear this, back pain is awful!


I went for a walk with my nephew and sister :smiley: We played on the swings—it was a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, I was paranoid that people were gonna kill me and that I was being watched :frowning:


Today I went grocery shopping and saw one of my counselors. She thinks I am doing really well and is really happy for me.


I am not sure what is triggering it?

Strange because my partner had on and off back pain then me. It seems we have to change our mattress. That could be the reason.

This is the first time is so many years I actually have back pain. It feels like sciatica because my right leg is hurting too. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah, it could be the mattress. Do you ever flip and/or rotate the mattress? Might help.


I’m currently on a long road trip with the fam; normally these terrify me but I feel pretty calm. :slight_smile: